Offering a range of facilities including call and mail forwarding, the Virtual Office gives businesses an international presence without incurring the overheads of setting up a physical office abroad. Virtual Offices have really taken off in the UK with companies ranging from one-man home workers to Blue Chip Multinationals increasingly choosing to pay for the service which provides an Instant, Flexible and Cost Effective solution to projecting a professional image in practically any location around the world.

Below we have put together a Vitual Office report detailing the services currently being offered by our providers in Dubai. With its strong and fast growing economy, as well as its transparent and easy trade regulations, Dubai is an increasingly popular trading destination for UK businesses. The following report has been compiled in response to the large number of enquiries recently received by Easy Offices for Virtual Offices in the city.


Serviced Office Providers Regus offer Virtual Office Services with a large six-property portfolio spanning the city of Dubai. They will soon be adding the prestigious Dubai Twin Towers to their portfolio taking the count to seven and providing the most wide-ranging selection of offices of all our providers.

At each of the properties Regus offer four separate Virtual Office Services:

Mail Plus, the cheapest package offering a simple business address with mail forwarding, it is worth noting that you pay for the price of the mail forwarding plus an extra 20% postage charge

Telephone Answering, a simple telephone answering service where calls can be answered under your company name, messages can be taken or calls can be forwarded at a cost to your business.

Virtual Office, offers both the Mail Plus and Telephone answering services combined

Virual Office Plus, is the same as the Virtual Office but in addition offers companies 40 hours of office time a month so would suit companies looking to work from the country on a regular basis.

Costs vary from building to building but there is not a great deal of difference between locations. As a guideline, prices for a 12 month contract start from upwards of £58.00 per month for mail handling only, £95.00 for telephone answering and £125.00 for the virtual office, all prices exclusive of VAT. If you are considering taking any of the Vitual Services offered it is worth thinking seriously about the length of lease required as shorter leases will incur full costing whereas longer 12 month contracts could save you up to 30%.

Overall as a Dubai Virtual Office provider Regus tend to be very efficient and reliable to deal with, offering competitive pricing and a good range of locations across the city. Unlike other providers, they do not charge a surplus for receiving your post or for answering calls, the charge is only for forwarding your mail and calls onto you. Their current portfolio includes the Dubai Airport Free Zone, The Burjaman Tower, Union House on Port Saeed Road, Festival tower, Green Community Office Building on the Dubai Investment Park, Legend Building and Djebel Ali, Free Zone Building for further information please call 0800 085 5050.


Servcorp are international Serviced and Virtual Office providers with locations spanning the globe. Based in the Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, the company offer extensive Virtual Office services from their prestigious Dubai address. Again they run four various packages which break down as follows:

Virtual Meetings, offering international access to boardrooms, meeting rooms and office space, plus a number of additional services including access to SmartOffice broadband internet, a package costing £89.34 per month with a 50% discount in the first two months meaning a reduced tariff of £44.67.

Virtual Address, a prestigious Dubai address with mail, fax and courier management as well as extras including access to SmartOffice Broadband Internet, a package costing £89.34 per month with a 50% discount in the first two months meaning a reduced tariff of £44.67.

Virtual Communications, a telephone answering and forwarding service with a dedicated receptionist answering calls in your company name, a package costing £89.34 per month with a 50% discount in the first two months meaning a reduced tariff of £44.67. Again there are a number of extras including 24/7 access to an interactive personal voicemail.

Platinum Virtual Office, a service combining all of the above for £213.02 per month with a 50% discount in the first two months meaning a reduced tariff of £106.51.

It is worth noting that when committing to a Virtual Address, Virtual Meeting or Platinum Virtual Office package Servcorp allow your company 3 days per month in any of Servcorp’s Serviced Offices/Executive Business Lounges in ANY of their worldwide locations which include Australia, China, India, France and more….

Advantages of dealing with Servcorp include the fact that they offer no minimum term lease and no registration or set up fees. They run a number of deals at all of their centres on a regular basis and as a nice little incentive they will put 10% of your virtual office spend towards a future Serviced Office with Servcorp.


Serviced Office Provider RAK, an entity managed by the RAK Free Trade Zone Authority, offer Virtual Office services from their three buildings in Dubai with properties at the Twin Towers in Deira, RAKFTZ’s business park in Ras Al Khaimah and Fairmount.

Their Virtual Service package includes a dedicated telephone line with automatic call answering and forwarding, a shared fax line and fax handling and a shared P.O. box address with daily checking, administration and mail handling, mail can be forwarded to any address.

This overall package costs 7800 AED, approx. £1075.00, per year, plus a 3000 AED, approx. £413.76, refundable security deposit. Do note that RAK will charge your company for the cost of all forwarded calls and an extra 15% on top of the courier charge for forwarding mail. They will also require a 3000 AED, approx £413.76, security deposit in advance of taking a contract with them and minimum terms are 6 months.

On site they offer a number of “Flexi” desk and office facilities, as well as fully equipped conference rooms, which can be hired on an hourly basis, we are not aware of any discounts offered to existing clients.


Providers of Serviced Offices, Alliance Business Centres will soon be offering Virtual Office facilities from their Silicon Oasis Headquarter Business Centre on Emirates Road, Dubai. Strategically located in the Dubai free zone where you can enjoy 100% ownership of your business, the property is one of the largest business centres in Dubai providing fully serviced offices and meeting rooms. Alliance Business Centres are part of the worldwide Alliance Network, with an impressive network of over 600 locations in more than 36 countries.

Virtual Office facilties will be coming soon to the Silicon Oasis Headquarter and are expected to be available from October of this year. Unfortunately the providers do not currently have a full break down of prices available.


34 Responses to Virtual Offices in Dubai: Locations and Costs
  1. Great write up Ceri, Dubai is prime for virtual office services with a booming economy to help grow the virtual office industry.

  2. hello sir,

    your information is very nice and definately appreciable.

    But please tell me how I will get a trading/import/export/sale business liscence in dubai.

  3. Many thanks for your recent comment.

    In regards to your query I am afraid this is not something that we will be able to directly assist you with. However you may like to try looking on the following JAFZA website which may help you:

    Once you are in the position to look for virtual or serviced office accommodation in Dubai please either call our main sales line on 0800 085 5050 or email us at with your specific requirements and we would be more than happy to assist you further.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I need to Know if I can use a virtual office in Dubai for my company without getting a trade license from Dubai authorities,thank you in advance.

  5. Thank you for your comments. It is our understanding that in order to secure a Virtual office in Dubai there is no need for a Dubai trading licence. However you will be asked to provide personal and business identification in some form, normally a copy of your home country business registration and a copy of your passport. Please call our main sales on +44(0)800 085 5050 with your specific requirement and we would be more than happy to help you further.

  6. I have a trade license from RAK free zone, can I use one of your offices for a yearly hire. Is this legal in UAE. If so what would be the cost? I would want to place 4 resources in the office. Please let me know ASAP.

  7. we want to have virtual office in UAE with export/import license and 2 visa, how can you help us

  8. Thank you for your enquiry our sales team have been made aware of your request and will contact you shortly. Please email or call +44 (0)800 085 5050 if you do not receive our email with details of Virtual Office options, many thanks.

  9. hi i need to start up a small business of IT support for which i need a flexi desk office and please advice what kind of license do i have to make with minimal cost involved. (no. removed by editor)

  10. Hi Javid, thanks for your comments which have been passed to our sales team. You will be contacted on the details provided shortly.

  11. I am opening an office in DMCC in Almas Tower. I need the information on Virtual Office. Please contact me asap. I will be receiving the trade licence very soon.

  12. Thank you for your comments. Your details have been passed to our sales team. You will receive an email shortly, in the meantime you can call +44 (0)800 085 5050 to speak to our sales team should you wish.

  13. dear sir,

    i have started a new media comapany in dubai which is related to online advertising.

    i m trying to get a serviced office on barter that possible???


  14. Hi Sir,

    I have freezone license in Ajman. I want to take license in dubai with virtual office. Please get me the total expenses with breakup. Thanks

  15. Hello Antony, I have passed your contact details to our sales team who will be in contact shortly as requested, many thanks.

  16. Dear sir, need to start a consultancy in UAE. I also need 2 Visas. Can you help me in this regard ..Thanks

  17. Hi,

    We will like to set up a virtual office in Dubai with upto 5 visas.

    Please let me know how you can help us.


  18. Can you please advice me as to what is the cheapest option for a virtual office setup in Dubai. Where I can have a Import/Export/General trading license from Dubai or any other emirates with 2 visas. Can you please guide me.


  19. Dear sir
    Please let me know what is the cheapest virtual office in Dubai, where i can have a real estate broker license? Can i make a renewal of this license also with virtual office tenancy contract? Which one business center can provide me with such service?
    Kindly wait for your answer asap…

  20. Can you please advice me as to what is the cheapest option for a virtual office setup,e-office setup and flexi desk in Ajman, Sharjah & Dubai. Where I can have a Import/Export/trading license from Dubai or any other emirates with 1 or 2 visas. Can you please guide me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  21. Hi, I want to set up an import llc in Dubai and don’t need real office space but I need a tenancy contract to get the license. Can I get that from you? Do you have a contact in Dubai?

  22. Mohammad Reza Foroozandeh 17th May 2010 at 4:39 pm Reply

    Could you please let me know, how can i rent an virtual office for one year, and how much is it cost?

  23. hi
    i want to have a virtual office in dubai… is that possible,i have a limited company in UK selleing bulk sms for corporate clients only (no spam) . is it necessarry to have trading licence to have a virtual office..the business is an online business…and there is no product … it is a service provided online…
    and if possibel which is the cheapest place i can get a virtual office… i just want an address … mail will be collected from the office…
    please advice
    thanks and regards
    Mathew George

  24. we need virtual office for a month or two just for lease agreement to get company registered in dubai after which we will get physical office call me on (number removed by editor) asap thanks

  25. hello, our UK HQ would like to set up a branch here in the UAE and on the back off that we need to secure either vitual offices/serviced offices. please contact me to arrange a meeting. thank you. Kind regards. asgar

  26. Can you please advice me as to what is the cheapest option for a virtual office setup,e-office setup and flexi desk in Ajman, Sharjah & Dubai. Where I can have a Import/Export/trading license from Dubai or any other emirates with 1 or 2 visas. Can you please guide me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  27. i need a flexi Desk in Dubia ASAP.. i have my trade Licence and waiting to flexi desk with Phone, Fax and Internet monthly 40-60 Hrs.
    Please help me it is Urgent

  28. HI…
    i need to start a small business for IT support and network installation.

    how you can help?

  29. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I need a virtual office in Dubai. At the moment I have an office in International City. I have a general trading license. I wish to change my address from an real office to a virtual office.

    Please advise me my options.

    Thank you.

    Arshad Mussani

  30. I want to start import/export trading agency of Brazilian white sugar in Dubai. Can I use virtual office to open account with either citibank or HSBC? Can you please advice me as to what is the cheapest option for a virtual office setup,e-office setup. Where I can have a Import/Export/trading license from Dubai. Can you please guide.

    Best regards

  31. Dear Sir,

    I would like to have a license + visa and if possible a virtual office. kindly contact me and let me know the best low cost option.

  32. Hi
    i want to have a virtual office in dubai… is that possible,i need to represent a uk based company for business purposes it necessarry to have trading licence to have a virtual office.what i’ll be doing is providing a service online…
    and if possible which is the cheapest place i can get a virtual office… what i’ll require is a P o box and telephone facility.
    please advice
    thanks and regards
    Azmi Shajahan

  33. we want a virtual office in dubai with a valid trading license for the same virtual office.can you help us.

  34. I have started a small business in one of the Free Trade Zones in RAK. I would ideally like to have a flexi office in Dubai where i can just lease office space for may be five hours every week.


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