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Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management are two words that will strike fear into many businesses. For the majority of companies having a fully functional and equipped Building just in case something dreadful happens to your own Offices is just not an option financially. But strange unplanned events do unfortunately happen and although you may not be able to afford to have a second location waiting for you ‘just in case’ it doesn’t mean you can’t have a plan.

The Serviced Office Space Solutions that Easy Offices deal with, offer the speed and infrastructure to support businesses should anything happen to your normal location. Phone systems and Internet connectivity is already in place so a solution can be in place in almost no time at all even if you need to connect to your own systems or remote servers. Telephone numbers can be redirected meaning the downtime for your business is minimal and as the offices are also furnished, another logistical headache is removed

And the proof as they say is in the pudding, Easy Offices have already helped businesses in this situation, as you will see from our Case Study for a Medical Company in London and Blog Article on The Buncefield Fire that caused so much disruption for businesses in and around Hemel Hempstead.

Read more about disaster recovery in our article The Buncefield Fire: Serviced Offices and Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Case Study for a medical Company in London.

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