Fantasy London Serviced Offices: Best Places to Work in London

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Today the Easy Offices team are discussing our favourite London Serviced Office buildings!

Below are some of the Easy Offices’ team favourites and you may be surprised what can motive our staff members to go to work; apparently everything from watching fish in an aquarium all day to having office-bragging rights for being in the coolest buildings! (oh and of course there is the James Bond wannabe!)

If you could work in any serviced office building in London what would your fantasy office be like and why? Fancy the dizzying heights of one of London’s highest skyscrapers? Or would you prefer the exclusivity of a Mayfair business address, surrounded by fashionable shops and luxury restaurants? Write in and let us know about your ideal London office building!

Serviced Offices in One Canada Square

“Would have to be Canada Square, working in the tallest building in London would be the highlight for me to tell all my friends, you wouldn’t miss anything going on in London with those views ( if you are brave enough to look of the windows that is)” – Jo Hopkinson, Sales

Serviced Offices on Fleet Street

“My fantasy office would be MWB’s building on Fleet Street, mainly due to the fact that the impressive lift was used to film an iconic scene in my fave Bond Film “Diamonds are Forever” but also because its close to my partner’s office so we could share our sandwiches at lunchtime!” – Andy de Wet Steyn, Director

Serviced Offices in the Lloyds Building

“For me it would have to be the Lloyds Building on Leadenhall Street. I just love the style of this architectural masterpiece although I’m not sure how much work I would get done as I’d spend most of my day riding up and down in the external lifts and peering over at the famous Underwriting room below – very cool!”– Ceri Lenahan, Marketing

Serviced Offices in No.1 Cornhill

“To me the architecture of this building is second to none and with its prime location being at the heart of Bank having an office here could only impress. What really makes No1 Cornhill my first choice office in the City is once you step inside your met with the grandeur of the palatial members lounge which is free of charge for all clients to have informal meetings … if I wanted to impress a potential client I believe the whole look and feel of No:1 Cornhill would certainly do its part in winning that next contract!” – Andrew Hogan, Director

Serviced Offices at The Gherkin

“I would like to work in the Gherkin, purely because it’s such a querky building, and I would get a real kick out of telling people that I worked there! Everyone knows the Gherkin!!” – Viv Garland, Accounts

“Mine would be the Gherkin, simply because its such a well-known and world famous building; if you had clients coming to visit you they would never get lost! I love the glass design too the views must be amazing!” – Sophie Kent, Admin

Serviced Offices in Tower 42

“I’d choose Tower 42 for its central location, inspirational interior design and architecture. Being in the heart of London, its one of the tallest buildings offering panoramic views across the city, comes complete with a variety of restaurants, onsite spa/gym, hotel facilities and fully equipped serviced offices.” – Lisa Moniz, Sales

Serviced Offices in Heron Tower

“I would like to work at Heron Tower as it is a visually stunning building, one of the largest sky scrapers in the City, and it has an aquarium on the first floor.” – Nikesh Patel, Sales

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  1. Got to agree with Nikesh on this one Heron Tower is one of the London’s most stunning creations. When you walk in the entrance you really know you are in a 5 star business environment!

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