Growing Trend for Open-Plan Serviced Offices Amongst London Businesses

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Open-plan offices are becoming the preferred layout for London businesses according to research undertaken by the British Council of Offices (BCO).

According to the BCO office layouts are seeing a shift away from traditional, modular office space towards open-plan which allows a greater opportunity for interaction between workers.

Indeed better internal communication seems to be the biggest draw for businesses considering their office layout and further research by the BCO also revealed that more companies are increasingly including break out areas within their working environments. The break out area concept has gained popularity in recent years as an informal space where colleagues can openly share ideas, something that will not happen by “shutting people away” according to BCO chairman Matt Oakley.

Flexible office operator Avanta has supported the BCO findings, having also noticed a trend towards companies opting for an open-plan environment within Avanta’s serviced office business centres across London and the UK.

According to Avanta’s sales and marketing director, Geraint Evans, open-plan space encourages a sense of office team spirit and office camaraderie which results in “a happier workforce and better internal communications.”

Geraint added that an open-plan layout can be more cost-effective as it can accommodate more staff members, leaving less unused space. Furthermore open-plan can also be more energy efficient to heat and cool and, with fewer walls, allow for more natural light.

Avanta offers break out areas at each of its serviced office business centres helping to create the opportunity for clients to relax, hold informal meetings and network with other businesses.

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