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Today’s blog post is from David Saul, Managing Director of BEG, one of the many Office Companies that we work with. David’s post concerns how important a location is when you are choosing an Office. Please leave any comments at the bottom after reading………


Whether a business starts life on the kitchen table or in the boardroom, it is likely that a decision will have to be made at some point about where it will be based.

No matter what sector you’re in, be it retail, IT or legal, the choice of location for an office is not something that should be considered lightly, particularly when clients and customers are involved. Places become famous for being hubs for certain industries – Silicone Valley, Fleet street and Wall street, to name but a few. The right address can certainly say a lot.

When making the decision to relocate premises or open your first business HQ, it is also important that we remember that the office isn’t just a place where employees go to get on with the day job. It is a place where new business pitches take place, prospective clients are entertained and current clients are retained. It is for these reasons that a great location should be high on every business’s agenda, no matter what service it operates within.

But office location shouldn’t just be considered from the client’s perspective. A recent survey commissed by the British Council for Offices and Savills found that location would strongly influence 73 per cent of 18 to 34 year-olds and 64 per cent of older job seekers in their decision to take a job.

What is interesting about this research is that it shows how staff retention, productivity and employee happiness can all be bolstered by something as simple as having a comfortable office in a convenient location. Something I believe has been reinforced by the advent of technology.

With virtual working now a firmly cemented reality and mobile technology allowing us to get on with our work wherever we are, why should we endure the daily chore of the morning and evening commute if we in fact don’t need to be at the office at all? Recent developments in technology have meant that workers without the option of remote working may find themselves becoming increasingly resentful of the daily commute. If their office isn’t in a covenient, reasonably easy location to reach they may turn to an office that is, or even a job where they can work completely from home.

The same can be said for clients. Clients are not willing to travel miles and miles out of their way for a business meeting. They want good service and convenience, and unfortunately an hour commute will simply not make the cut.

So when it comes to the next office move or giving your virtual office a physical base, it is important to think location, location, location. Both from a clients perspective as well as an employeee one.

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