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Modern office life can be mayhem. So much to do, so little time and with modern technology we are pretty much switched on 24/7 – it’s no wonder we feel so overwhelmed, drowning in our to-do lists. Getting Things Done (GTD) is a time-management method, described in a book of the same title by productivity […]

The Underground. The Tube. That overcrowded, overheated mode of transport that gets you from A to B. Commuters may have many names for it, but the general feeling towards the London Underground is definitely one of love/ hate. Squeezing your way onto a packed carriage when faced with the hot and humid elements of a […]

City centre or business park? It’s a dilemma that will be familiar to many relocating businesses or start-ups both small and large across the UK. To many it’s merely a question of convenience and ease of access for staff and for clients. An office space in town is ideal, but expensive. So how do you […]

Each month we will be following 2 companies, both sharing their highs and lows and everyday business challenges, as they describe any issues or problems connected to their office any and the choices and solutions they come up with or are presented with. The companies will remain anonymous as we want an insight into their […]

No matter how difficult small business owners may find it to pull themselves away from work, we are all recommended to take short breaks from our desks throughout the working day for our well being. What is even more beneficial, is to take an extended break from the office altogether, and what better time to do […]