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Birmingham is a vibrant, multicultural city full of an extensive range of dining options to suit any business visitor or local office worker. At just an hour and a half on the train from London Euston, and with an airport that offers hundreds of international and domestic flights, the city attracts a vast amount of […]

If you work from a serviced office in Birmingham, you’ll have access to plenty of reliable and regular transport options in and around the city. Birmingham is a major transport hub and you can currently catch a plane, bus, train, tram or taxi in Birmingham if you need to travel. A huge majority of Birmingham’s […]

Reading Reading is a wonderful, historical city full of a wide range of eateries and dining options to suit any type of city worker or visitor looking to enjoy all the area has to offer. As one of the top retail destinations in the country, the city attracts thousands of tourists and business visitors every […]

Long daily commutes, phones constantly ringing and annoying colleagues.   Working in an office can have many downsides but also has many advantages, here are just a few; Collaboration Bouncing ideas around the room is much more productive if there is more than one person throwing opinions into the ring. You are much more likely […]

These days everyone and anyone has a blog. You can read blogs about sexuality, being a student, healthy living, mental issues – you can even read blogs ‘written’ by dogs (seriously put blogs written by dogs into Google and your lunch break is sorted!). Blogging can be a really fantastic way to communicate with others […]