It’s no longer breaking news that today’s workforce desire more agile working environments that allow them to achieve the work-life balance they strive for. More and more, employers are meeting these demands through the solution of providing flexible, coworking offices for their employees to flourish in.  Coworking spaces allow professionals to collaborate and be creative yet also provide the opportunity for privacy and space. They empower employees to have a set office base yet freely be able to come and go. With this in mind, it’s little wonder that coworking spaces are booming all over major cities across the world.

One company that has set their business up in this way is Jemima Willcox Photography. Business owner, Jemima is a brand portrait photographer based in Cambridge who creates incredible brand portraits of working professionals and entrepreneurs. She provides professional portrait sessions in her Cambridge studio (or on location) to diverse and interesting people.

Jemina attributes her company’s success to having an atmosphere to shoot in that is friendly and relaxed, yet professional and impressive. This, combined with her warm and approachable character, enables her to put her clients at ease and capture the perfect portrait.


Remote workers will often agree that while this style of working has its many advantages, it can also result in feelings of loneliness and isolation – especially for those working at home full-time.  “Small fish syndrome” is a common side symptom where you subconsciously begin to believe you’re less able than your competitors. This type of thinking can make it difficult to push through boundaries and thrive.

Coworking spaces combat these issues – mainly because they offer an opportunity to be part of a social community. According to the Harvard Business Review, 83% of coworking space members reported feeling less lonely once joining and 89% said it increased their happiness.

Besides having obvious mental health benefits, the study also found that more than 80% of members expanded their professional network through their coworking space and felt they could turn to others for support and guidance. More than two-thirds even credited their coworking network as a critical source of new business referrals.

Many start-ups have taken root in co-working spaces in recent years. This is because they can be flexible and adapt without being refined to the more traditional, but in many cases, rigid nine-to-five model. Whether they’re increasing their workforce or scaling down the business, the flexibility of coworking spaces empowers these companies to grow.

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