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08Jun 2018

Travel is an increasingly important part of working life in today’s globalised world. We look at ten simple ways to keep business trips smooth and simple. We live in the internet age, dominated by virtual meetings and digital nomadism. Most people work with some degree of location flexibility, and remote working is set to dominate […]

16May 2018
An image of an HTML script on a desktop screen

Cybercrime is on the rise, with startups potentially posing easy targets for data thieves, hackers and fraudsters. We explore what businesses can do to stay safe According to a cybercrime report by Cybersecurity Ventures, the direct cost of damages from cybercrime is due to exceed £4 trillion by the year 2021. So far, established international […]

04May 2018
Landscape photo of Clifton suspension bridge during the balloon fiesta

London still leads the pack when it comes to the best UK destination for ambitious startups, but Bristol is hot on its heels in terms of infrastructure, variety and quality of life With average office space costs in the capital nearing £10,000 a year per employee, ambitious UK startups are increasingly looking for an alternative […]

20Apr 2018
A hand partially painted green, holding a stem with green leaves

This year, Earth Day (22 April) marks the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Since the agreement took effect, nations and businesses around the world have taken great strides towards an eco-friendly, green future. While large multinationals have a huge role to play in this respect, small businesses are just as important. […]

13Apr 2018
Wooden board game pieces with letters that spell out LIKE

We live in the social media age. There are now almost three billion social media users worldwide, and businesses simply cannot ignore the importance of a strong, active social media presence. For large firms, this is a matter of overall branding, typically managed by a dedicated team and supported by specialist external consultants. What about […]

29Mar 2018
Executive Office suit desk covered in tech peripherals, paper and pens

The past 100 years have witnessed a number of different trends come and go when it comes to creating the ideal office space. From the packed open spaces, which characterised offices in the early twentieth century, to the sobering and somewhat isolating work booths of the 1950s, maximising productivity and bolstering employee satisfaction have always […]

23Mar 2018
A male rugby team covered in dirt, playing rugby on a muddy field.

The worlds of rugby and business might, on the face of it, appear light years apart. After all, what can managing complex contracts, liaising with clients and meeting sales targets possibly have in common with chasing an oval-shaped ball around a muddy pitch? The answer is; quite a lot actually. Whether one is looking for […]

14Mar 2018
Team of men and women gathered around a table and whiteboard talking and business planning in a modern office space

The UK is quickly establishing itself as a global leader in entrepreneurial growth, despite uncertainty after the much-discussed ramifications of the Brexit vote. In 2017, the UK was ranked eighth in the world for fostering entrepreneurship opportunities according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index. And with the UK startup scene growing by the minute, 2018 is […]

13Mar 2018
External architecture view of office space in London.

The UK’s startup revolution shows no signs of faltering, with cities from Bristol to London becoming global hotspots for fledgling businesses. With innovative new companies setting up shop across the UK, our research shows that the startup scene in the UK is alive and kicking. With this in mind, we’ve picked five exciting startups that […]

23Feb 2018
Team of men and women gathered around a table and whiteboard talking and business planning in a modern office space

  Starting a business can be one of the most exciting – and challenging – times of your life. Suddenly you’re immersed in a whole new world of business plans, financing, marketing and more – so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To help make the transition that little bit easier, we’ve outlined eight important questions […]