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30Jan 2020

In recent years, it’s become common knowledge that our working environment affects our mental health, with studies showing that dingy, oppressive offices cause us to feel more stressed, even when not at work. It’s also come to light that the state of our mental health has a direct impact on our creativity levels, and so […]

28Jan 2020

Considering using a virtual office for you business but aren’t sure whether it’s the right move? Read on for all you need to know.  What is a virtual office space? A virtual office is essentially a front for your business that provides you with a proper address (often in an impressive location), plus facilities such […]

20Jan 2020

As the world of work changes, so does the office design landscape, with the last decade showing noticeably freer, more creative, more human interiors take to the fore. Rumours of the Facebook and Google offices really came into play as we inched into the 2010’s, with many companies taking lead from the tech giants with […]