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10Jan 2019
jemima willcox thumbnail for her interview about coworking spaces

It’s no longer breaking news that today’s workforce desire more agile working environments that allow them to achieve the work-life balance they strive for. More and more, employers are meeting these demands through the solution of providing flexible, coworking offices for their employees to flourish in.  Coworking spaces allow professionals to collaborate and be creative […]

24Dec 2018
Coworking space and event space

It used to be that freelancers had to fight to be taken seriously, with their search for projects beginning with the question, “How can I, as a freelancer, get a leading company to hire me?” Yet as industries become increasingly competitive, and as the internet has given freelancers a platform to showcase their talents, it’s […]

23Nov 2018
Bogdan Maran, founder of Splento with his name and title displayed

The way companies work is changing rapidly, and so are the office spaces they occupy.  Innovative, high-growth start-ups need to be agile, and that’s why flexible co-working spaces are becoming so popular.  Companies that don’t fit the traditional nine-to-five mould need working spaces that understand them and their needs. Easy Offices caught up with Bogdan, […]

15Nov 2018
Men and women sitting around a table with laptops

In 2016, at least 43% of working Americans said that they spent some of their week working remotely, according to a Gallup survey. The trend of remote work, made available mostly due to advances in technology, is only bound to grow in the coming years. More and more millennials look at the benefits, over the […]

02Nov 2018
Charlie Spokes still from the video with her name and title displayed

When choosing the right office space to get their business off the ground, dynamic individuals will often have flexibility and collaborative space at the top of their wish list. It’s imperative that they find the right working environment to foster innovation and really get their creative juices flowing. Easy Offices interviewed Charlie Spokes, owner of […]

16Oct 2018
Three young people sat at a table with laptops talking

There can occasionally be some negativity surrounding the attitudes and values of the modern generation, so to make your workplace more millennial-friendly you should start by leaving the stereotypes at the door and focus on praising individuality. It’s important to understand that as workplace demographics change, workplace practices have to adapt to them. Your goal […]

28Sep 2018

When we think about social clubs, the first image that may come to mind is that of an older gentleman, wearing a suit, paired with a monocle, smoking a thick cigar and talking to other men in a room filled with wooden furniture. This cliche is engraved in our minds for a good reason, as […]

27Sep 2018
Man with pen checking over a clipboard of data

No business likes to lose customers. It has an obvious and instant effect on your bottom line, it seizes growth, and it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain one. Spending money on customer loyalty and retention is clearly a better business choice than throwing your hard-earned capital at building your customer […]

26Sep 2018
People working in a coworking office space

Of the many challenges historically facing start-ups, seeking investment that matched the founders’ vision was one of the hardest to overcome. But today, with tech making its way into every other industry, investors are keener than ever to fund the latest trending app or product. This propensity for venture capitalists to pump huge amounts of […]