28Jan 2020

Considering using a virtual office for you business but aren’t sure whether it’s the right move? Read on for all you need to know.  What is a virtual office space? A virtual office is essentially a front for your business that provides you with a proper address (often in an impressive location), plus facilities such […]

23Jul 2019

Team-building activities are fun activities or challenges that get your employees away from their desks and bring them together. If you’ve got a team of dedicated, talented and enthusiastic employees in your startup, you may think they have all the motivation they need. But motivated individuals don’t necessarily add up to a successful team. Bonding […]

01Jul 2019

It seems straightforward enough: keep your staff happy and they’ll remain loyal, productive and inspired to take your start-up to the next level. While the theory holds up, people are more complex than that. Gone are the days when a Christmas party and occasional pizzas would keep employees sweet. In many sectors, talented employees can […]

23May 2019

Why project management means success Effective project management is as business critical for a startup as securing funding, hiring the right talent, and marketing yourself efficiently. Its importance cannot be understated: project management is a tool for streamlining decision making and team productivity, both of which are essential in the early stages of your startup […]

08Apr 2019

Why motivated workers work The traditional workplace model is changing. With the economy shifting from established corporations to a culture of start-ups and leaner companies, it’s important to recognise the ways in which we work differently in these newer, more experimental spaces. Employee relations, peer rapport, and good communication across the hierarchy: skills essential for […]

14Jan 2019
Coworkers are discussing the project

There’s a decent argument to be made that being aggressive is a crucial quality for a startup. A ‘small fish’ trying to make it in a sea of big corporates might need its key people to take a ruthless attitude. Sometimes you need to show the world what you’ve got and refuse to take ‘no’ […]

04May 2018
Landscape photo of Clifton suspension bridge during the balloon fiesta

London still leads the pack when it comes to the best UK destination for ambitious startups, but Bristol is hot on its heels in terms of infrastructure, variety and quality of life With average office space costs in the capital nearing £10,000 a year per employee, ambitious UK startups are increasingly looking for an alternative […]

14Mar 2018
Team of men and women gathered around a table and whiteboard talking and business planning in a modern office space

The UK is quickly establishing itself as a global leader in entrepreneurial growth, despite uncertainty after the much-discussed ramifications of the Brexit vote. In 2017, the UK was ranked eighth in the world for fostering entrepreneurship opportunities according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index. And with the UK startup scene growing by the minute, 2018 is […]

13Mar 2018
External architecture view of office space in London.

The UK’s startup revolution shows no signs of faltering, with cities from Bristol to London becoming global hotspots for fledgling businesses. With innovative new companies setting up shop across the UK, our research shows that the startup scene in the UK is alive and kicking. With this in mind, we’ve picked five exciting startups that […]