29Nov 2013

The crippling costs of childcare and the need for a better work life balance has coined the term “mumpreneur”; the ever increasing number of self employed mothers driving a boom of business across the UK. This group of business minded individuals are outdoing their male counterparts dramatically as The Telegraph has recorded that the number […]

20Nov 2013

Thinking of going freelance? With the freedom and flexibility of taking business into your own hands offering an obvious attraction, it is the ideal solution for many where the typical 9-5 just isn’t working anymore. Saying goodbye to routine and even more frightening, a steady, monthly pay cheque inevitably makes the early days as a […]

13Nov 2013

With thousands of tweets flying around cyberspace every minute of the day, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you are bombarded with, relevant or otherwise. However, if you are following the right people, Twitter can offer a wealth of information, with expert business advice, inspirational thought from the world’s leading entrepreneurs […]

16Aug 2013

Some might think that it’s somewhat idealistic to believe that you can start a business, be successful, make money and still keep to a set of important values or principles whilst taking over the (Business) World! In fact it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be successful if you aren’t passionate about what it is you are […]

26Jul 2013

Mention marketing to anyone who is thinking of starting their own business and they will almost immediately start thinking about Google and Advertising Campaigns. Quite often this is followed by frantic calculations trying to estimate exactly how much it will cost to start a comprehensive PPC Campaign and how long their savings will last them […]

04Jul 2013

The following blog is from one of the many Serviced Office Coampanies that Easy Offices works with, this post concerns start up companies and the help and assistance that cna be provided. Encouraging Entrepreneurship One of the most common complaints from entrepreneurs is the difficulty securing finance. The good news is the government has introduced […]

22May 2013

Start a Business for less than the Average Weekly Wage. According to a recent survey 76% of micro businesses are started with less than £2000. The government is continuing to encourage people to think about starting their own business as a way of finding a way out of the current financial crisis and would have […]

15May 2013

Righteous Salad Dressings started in 2009, leaving a steady Corporate job in the middle of a recession. Four years later the company supplies over 700 UK supermarkets and is about to start selling into America Chains this year; along the way many mistakes have been made and lessons learnt, some of these are shared below: […]

25Apr 2013

An incredibly tough job market or the prospect of redundancy may encourage more and more people to consider starting their own business. It’s a conversation that often comes up in these testing times but for all the goodwill, how many actually take the plunge? Disappointingly, not many and the main reason given is normally related […]

10Apr 2013

In the last few years the number of start-up businesses of note entering the London office Market has been low to say the least. But now things finally seem to be changing with a number of high profile businesses moving in but what has caused the change? Joanna Shields, CEO of London’s Tech City Investment […]