Work Environment

14Mar 2019
perfect office

When thinking of open plan offices, you may think they’re a phenomenon of the last decade or so. When you picture multiple employees sitting around a large, shared table with their laptops, bouncing around ideas, a millennial startup culture comes to mind. However, the first open-plan office space was actually created in 1906 by US […]

11Mar 2019
Stickers on the wall

We all complain about work now and then, but while being your own boss can be liberating, it also brings its own set of headaches. Keeping stress at bay is really important, so here’s what causes it and what you can do. The rise of the self-employed You’ve probably nodded along as a friend or […]

08Feb 2019

Flexible working allows you to work remotely and during the hours that fit in best with your everyday life. All you need to get started is a set of tools – laptop, phone, internet, your relevant technology platforms and a whole lot of brain juice. A shared coworking space provides all of this with an […]

22Dec 2017
i2 brown street office space centre

When you’re on the hunt for a new office for your business, you want to make sure it ticks all the right boxes: facilities, location, tech, and the ideal layout for your needs. With features like on-site catering, shower and gym facilities, Wi-Fi and manned reception, many businesses are turning to serviced offices, which offer […]

13Dec 2017
creative perks of a serviced office

Team-building exercises and a weekly pub lunch are a dime a dozen when it comes to office perks. But with 75% of younger workers seeking out an engaging and fun workplace, businesses are turning to more unique and creative ways to keep employees engaged and motivated. Here are some of our suggestions for not-so-traditional work […]

16Oct 2017

Business directories have an important role to play in the internet age. Linked to the general trend towards manual, user-involved decision making, business directories give power back to the consumer. Whether your potential customers are choosing by location, specialism or reputation, being in a leading business directory puts you right in their eyeline, giving you […]

21Sep 2017

A new survey of employment trends and demographics by serviced office provider Easy Offices gives a fascinating insight into equal opportunities in the modern UK workplace. The survey focused on women with children, looking specifically at the ease of returning to work after childbirth, and the professional consequences associated with having children. While women as […]

17Aug 2017

The South London suburb of Croydon has been named as the UK’s fastest growing economic area by the national accountancy group, UHY Hacker Young and much of the growth is down to its technology sector. Croydon has seen strong recent growth in technology start-ups rivalling the levels seen in Old Street in East London, providing […]