Work Environment

13Nov 2019

On average, we spend around one third of our life at work. It’s unfortunate, then, that in some offices the actual environment employees are expected to spend so much time in is an afterthought; a bland coworking space designed to be functional rather than comfortable.  Offices like these aren’t just uneasy on the eye, but […]

12Nov 2019

Freelancing careers offer many benefits, including the ability to work wherever and whenever you want. But though it might be tempting to do your flexible working solely from home, opting for coworking instead – at least a few days a week – could be crucial to your success.  Here, we take a look at the […]

31Jul 2019

Can plants really make a difference in a modern office? Many people swear they enhance mental and physical health, induce creativity and boost productivity, and there are studies to prove at least some of it. Other people simply think they look pretty – and that’s more than enough reason. Is it worth introducing plants into […]

27Jun 2019

Shaping the look of the modern office Office design has come a long way since the early days of dark wood panelling and crammed-in rows of desks with no privacy. And we’ve largely moved beyond the cubicle age, too: while twenty years ago we’d find divided spaces in most offices, recent design trends have led […]

01Apr 2019

Why is interior design important? A well-designed workplace can have a huge positive impact on employees. Learn how to create spaces that retain staff and attract new talent at your company. The changing nature of the modern workforce naturally means the workplace need to adapt to keep up with these differences. Today’s employees are working […]

14Mar 2019
perfect office

When thinking of open plan offices, you may think they’re a phenomenon of the last decade or so. When you picture multiple employees sitting around a large, shared table with their laptops, bouncing around ideas, a millennial startup culture comes to mind. However, the first open-plan office space was actually created in 1906 by US […]

11Mar 2019
Stickers on the wall

We all complain about work now and then, but while being your own boss can be liberating, it also brings its own set of headaches. Keeping stress at bay is really important, so here’s what causes it and what you can do. The rise of the self-employed You’ve probably nodded along as a friend or […]

08Feb 2019

Flexible working allows you to work remotely and during the hours that fit in best with your everyday life. All you need to get started is a set of tools – laptop, phone, internet, your relevant technology platforms and a whole lot of brain juice. A shared coworking space provides all of this with an […]