Considering using a virtual office for you business but aren’t sure whether it’s the right move? Read on for all you need to know. 

What is a virtual office space?

A virtual office is essentially a front for your business that provides you with a proper address (often in an impressive location), plus facilities such as a receptionist, phone answering services and even meeting rooms. The thing that makes it virtual? The fact that you – or any employees you have – don’t actually work there. Instead, jobs are carried out remotely, using digital tech to connect teams online as opposed to face to face, while you’re virtual office receives your mail and answers your business calls on a proper business landline via a dedicated receptionist. 

It’s true, these digital age offices are great for businesses that may not have the capital to spend on traditional premises, but the benefits of virtual offices go far beyond cost cutting. Think embracing the world of online and utmost flexibility might be right for your company? That might just well be the case if…

1. You find the traditional models of working outdated

Flexible working is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in the world of work right now, with more and more businesses allowing staff to work from home and enjoy more fluid work schedules. The freelance industry is also thriving like never before, with professionals realising that the old prescribed 9-5 way of life doesn’t work for them and, what’s more, doesn’t have to.

If this resonates with you, and if you often find yourself wondering why exactly people need to be tied to a set location all day when we have more than enough tech to be able to thrive in our job roles from anywhere in the world, a virtual office might fulfil your business needs perfectly. 

2. You want to grow your international presence 

Virtual offices don’t just give you the chance to put an impressive Mayfair address (or something equally as snazzy) on your business collateral and website, but can enable you to establish your business abroad too. Always liked the idea of having London, Paris and New York addresses for your company? Now’s your chance.

3. You don’t rely heavily on face to face interaction

Some business owners stand by the fact that teams should meet face to face each day for things to be run successfully, but what works for one may feel pointless to another. If yours isn’t the kind of business that relies heavily on being able to pop to someone else’s desk for a chat every five minutes (you’ve got video chat for that, anyway), a virtual office could be a goer.

4. Your teams can do their jobs from anywhere 

If your teams are made up of creative individuals who only need a laptop to be able to excel at their jobs, why bother stifling them when they could enjoy full autonomy instead? By ditching traditional notions of clock-watching and micro-management, you might even find yourself in a better position to attract top talent, with studies showing that the majority of people would prefer to work from home at least some of the time if they could.

5. You don’t have a lot of money to spend

Of course, while there are many other benefits to using a virtual office, it can’t be denied that financial savings are a huge motivator for many who use them. Fancy paying a fraction of traditional business running costs while also having an impressive company address and getting to enjoy the perks of admin staff? Two words: virtual office.

6. You want to take your freelancing to the next level 

It’s not only established companies that can benefit from virtual offices. If you’re a freelancer who’s sick of handing out their home address to clients and hosting meetings in overcrowded coffee shops, a virtual office could be a great way to up your game without the killer costs.

7. You care about the environment

More and more companies are downsizing their offices and utilising working from home policies in order to cut down on their carbon footprints. If the environment is close to your heart, why not take this one step further with a virtual office? From zero commute time to next-to-zero office energy consumption, it’s safe to say you’ll be doing your bit – and then some. 

In today’s digital world, there’s simply no longer a need for every business or freelancer to use a traditional office. So if you find yourself wondering why you’d ever fork out for a huge space that you don’t actually need – just for the sake of giving your business a professional front – it may just be time to think again. 

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