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Today’s blog post is from one of the many Office Companies that we work alongside and is written by David Saul, Managing Director of Business Environment. The term “work/life balance” probably appeared sometime in the late 70s, and has continued to seep into public consciousness until it became the recurrently debated topic it is today. The […]

Some might think that it’s somewhat idealistic to believe that you can start a business, be successful, make money and still keep to a set of important values or principles whilst taking over the (Business) World! In fact it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be successful if you aren’t passionate about what it is you are […]

Friction can sometimes be a positive thing, resulting in action and impetus – creating an environment that is dynamic and changeable.  For certain industries this type of working environment might be the preferred choice, but there is a fine line between dynamism and harmony and although a successful company will need a mix of personalities […]

As we discussed in yesterday’s post, although many companies are aware of Social Media, aware they need to join in and communicate, the difficulty often lies in the content and information you provide.  Unless you’re lucky enough to be selling a product that is a naughty indulgence such as chocolate, confectionary or alcohol then creating […]

Website Analytics – the Basics. Do you have a website? Do you how many people visit and from where they originated? Do you know how long they spend on your site, which pages are the most popular or which forms users start but don’t finish completing? Most companies now have websites. It’s become a necessity […]

The Impact of CSR David Saul, managing director of Business Environment, leading serviced office operator, examines the business benefits of making CSR central to strategy   Businesses refocusing their priorities beyond profit and towards the welfare of their suppliers, employees and the planet is increasing. However, there are still those that see CSR, Corporate Social Entrepreneurship,  as […]

Following on from Friday’s blog piece where we discussed some of the best ways Start-Up Businesses can get noticed, we’re going to finish the post off today with a last look at some cost effective marketing solutions for small or start-up businesses. Find the Source. If you’re hoping to appear in an up and coming […]

Mention marketing to anyone who is thinking of starting their own business and they will almost immediately start thinking about Google and Advertising Campaigns. Quite often this is followed by frantic calculations trying to estimate exactly how much it will cost to start a comprehensive PPC Campaign and how long their savings will last them […]

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