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Nottingham Nottingham is a trendy, vibrant and historical city full of fabulous, comfortable hotels that will suit any discerning business visitor who comes to enjoy everything the area has to offer. With a rapidly growing economy, excellent train connections to many areas of the UK, and an established history in the lace trade, Nottingham is […]

Nottingham is a great place to work because it’s beautiful, vibrant and easily accessible via it’s extensive transport system. The main forms of transport within Nottingham are buses, trams, trains and cars, as well as East Midlands Airport which is only 40 minutes to an hour away in the car or via public transport. Plenty […]

Nottingham is an eclectic, multicultural, vibrant city with an exciting food scene full of eateries to suit any discerning city worker or business visitor looking for more than a sandwich at their desk in the office. With regular train connections to London, and with a nationally renowned history in the lace trade, Nottingham attracts local […]