Flexible working allows you to work remotely and during the hours that fit in best with your everyday life. All you need to get started is a set of tools laptop, phone, internet, your relevant technology platforms and a whole lot of brain juice. A shared coworking space provides all of this with an added social element to it, alleviating the sensations of loneliness that remote workers sometimes feel. You’ll sit among other like-minded professionals, each working on something unrelated to what you’re doing, but eager to discover exactly what it is you do.

One company currently reaping the benefits of coworking is TRENDiPEOPLE. The new brand, based in EasyOffices in London, is an on-demand app that serves those in need of fashion and beauty freelancers. Clients can quickly find the best fashion, beauty, hair, nails and makeup stylists and book appointments through the app’s easy-to-use booking system. The company has spent much of its time developing the app to ensure it helps its freelancers to gain a greater reach of new, ready-to-buy clients.

The app launches in April 2019 and TRENDiPEOPLE couldn’t be more excited about taking the highly anticipated service to market.

Escaping the confines of your traditional 9-5 job has become increasingly attractive to much of today’s workforce, and it’s easy to see why. No more commuting during the rush hour, no last-minute projects being thrown in your direction, no more politics and no more dragged-out meetings about what the next meeting will cover.

Working from the comfort of your own home or setting up in a coffee shop sounds much more appealing, right? Agreed, but unfortunately, it presents its own set of challenges. Remote workers often report feeling isolated and what happens when the WiFi drops in the cafe you’re nestled into?

Coworking spaces counteract these problems but with all the added benefits of flexible working. The setting is creative yet professional and it allows you to work with just the right amount of structure. You’ll have a fixed base to operate from, plus you’ll be surrounded by people with a similar work ethic to your own. People in coworking spaces are generally small business owners or start-up employees. As a result, they’re usually readily available to support you in moments of self-doubt or even fill in as a colleague to bounce ideas off. It makes this style of work environment the perfect hub for networking, finding new business opportunities and discovering specialists to collaborate with.

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