From the bright lights of the West End to the deepest hipster corners of the East, trying to pick the perfect London area for your office space can feel overwhelming. Do you choose to surround yourself with like-minded creatives, or decide that being situated in the hubbub of the city’s heart is an absolute must? 

We can’t promise to make that decision for you, but we can bring you some inspiration, alongside the low-down on a selection of the best London areas to run a business from. Here goes…

Shoreditch – for hipsters & techies

It’s no secret that Shoreditch used to be one of the most run down areas in London. But today, walking through its refined cobbled streets with their endless expensive bars and polished, trendy eateries, that’s hard to believe.

Shoreditch is about 20-years deep into being the ultimate hipster hotspot in London, going from a key hangout for artists in the ‘90s to the fashionable tech hub of London it is today. So much so that the main roundabout in the area is called Silicon Roundabout due to the sheer amount of tech companies that are stationed there. So, if being in the centre of London’s trendiest goings on is a priority for you and your tech business – Shoreditch is the clear winner. 

Best for: some of the hippest serviced offices in London.

Soho – for media and artsy types

If rubbing shoulders with creative arts and media types is important for your business, it doesn’t get much better than Soho as an office location. Known for being the first business hub in the city, this well-established and vibrant spot has been well and truly adopted by TV and film production companies, as well as other creative, ‘black-coffee-only’ type industries.

Soak up the history of this beautiful always-on area, and enjoy its non-stop quirky charm with an array of clubs, bars and the best of the best restaurants right at your fingertips. That’s not forgetting how well connected you’ll feel, with Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square tubes all within reach, plus the new Crossrail linking you to Stratford and Canary Wharf in minutes.

Best for: achieving perfect balance between historical pubs and uber-modern bars. 

Farringdon – for creatives and client schmoozers 

Farringdon sits in London’s Islington district and is just one stop from Kings Cross, making it one of most well-connected office areas of London.

Another popular choice for creative and tech companies, this spot somehow manages to achieve a blissful small-town feel despite the number of businesses it houses and its central location. The area’s main street is littered with quaint eateries, stunning old pubs and trendy cafes, making Farringdon the perfect choice for those who often entertain clients with coffees, craft beers and luncheons. 

Best for: having a quaint village feel while retaining a cosmopolitan vibe.

Kings Cross – for digital leaders 

Another of London’s newly renovated spots, it wasn’t so long ago that Kings Cross was known for all the wrong reasons. But with a huge amount of investment going into the area over the past ten years, the famous home to platform 9¾ is now a seriously plush destination with some of the swankiest bars, shops and restaurants in the capital.

Digital giants like Google and Facebook have offices there, alongside clusters of other highly regarded digital agencies, so if you’re operating in the world of online this could be a great spot for you. That’s not forgetting that you’ll be working in an area that’s close to a beautiful canal, the majestic St Pancras Hotel and an international railway station, making it a no-brainer for those who want to impress global clients.

Best for: those who want to rub shoulders with the digital big-dogs. 

City of London – for true traditionalists 

The City of London is a bit like Marmite – some love to work there and others find it all a bit too ‘workery’. This may be because less than 10,000 people actually live there, with the area being best known for its tourist attractions, plush offices and the London Stock Exchange.

But the people who do love it, love it fervently – with its smart aesthetic, historic appeal and the glassy sheen of endless sophisticated offices, it certainly fulfils a role for those who desire an air of the high-life in their day-to-day. If you work in the finance industry or something just as serious, this unapologetically non-hipster spot of London may be just the area for you. 

Best for: having more gyms than you can shake a pair of trainers at. 

The West End – for those out to impress

It’s easy to overlook the dazzling West End of London when it comes to considering office space. This could be to do with the sheer cost of setting up shop there – everything from your rent to the cost of a coffee can be eye-watering – but if you’ve got the cash to splash and you don’t mind working in one of the busiest spots of the city, the West End has a lot going for it.

Firstly, there’s no doubt you’ll impress visiting clients who want to experience the real deal when they hit the big smoke. And then there’s the daily excitement that comes with working in the glamorous hustle and bustle of one of the most iconic performing arts hubs of the world. Sure, you’ll also be rubbing shoulders with the biggest crowds in London most days, but some would consider that a small price to pay in order to look out over those grandiose buildings and bright theatrical lights from their very own office.

Best for: feeling like you work in real London.

There’s a lot riding on choosing the right area in London for your office space, but the difficulty lies in the fact that there’s so much choice, as opposed to not enough. When you think about it like that – alongside the fact you get to work in one of the greatest cities on earth – this all important decision stops to feel so stressful after all. Good luck! 

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