Design your office

Create a home for your business

Make your office a great place to work by configuring the layout based on how your business operates. Then customise everything from furniture to storage, accessories, plants, decoration and branding. All the details that make your space your own.

Simple from start to finish

Whether you need an impressive office suite for a team of 20 or an inspirational workspace for two people, we’ll help you design the perfect environment.

With a range of different design ideas and a catalogue of furniture styles and accessories to choose from, we make the process easy.

And the costs can be included in your rental agreement, so there’s just one regular payment and no upfront capital investment.

Contact us now to find out how to design your own office at your chosen location.

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Your design options


Choose from large, open offices to ultra-efficient use of space. Whatever is the right fit for how your team needs to work and collaborate.

  • Team rooms designed to maximise desk space while controlling costs
  • Executive space with bigger desks in a more spacious setting
  • Spacious executive layouts with more space to move and collaborate
  • Combination space that blends desk sizes and layouts to suit your team

You can also add meeting rooms, waiting areas and studio spaces for creative work.

Desks and accessories

Our collection of desks includes a choice of sizes as well as standing and sitting options. All with endless customisation including under-desk storage, privacy screens, plants and the additions that make a desk your own.

Fixed Desk


Our seating collection includes premium ergonomic office chairs, lightweight side chairs and stylish lounge chairs and sofas. So you’ll have the perfect place to sit whether you’re working through your email or getting together to share ideas.

Series 1 with Headrest

Office enhancements

Make your office more flexible and functional with a choice of add-ons. From storage walls to ready-made meeting spaces and lounge areas, it’s a way to get even more from your workspace and help your team work in more ways.

Mobile Media Board

Decoration and branding

With decoration and workspace branding, you can make your office feel like a welcoming, inspiring extension of your culture and values.

  • Decorating walls in your brand colours
  • Your logo in a prominent place inside your office

Contact us now to find out how to design your own office at your chosen location.

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