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Get an instant temporary office space whenever you need it, without long-term contracts or commitment. Suitable as a project office or for other temporary workspace needs. A budget-friendly temp office option for businesses that are relocating, upscaling or who are opening a

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What is a temporary office?

Espaço de escritório temporário, is a low-commitment,

escritórios com serviços

which comes ready to use and can be scaled up or down as required by your business. Temp offices are often used to facilitate workplace moves, as short-term project offices in different locations, or for when you’re not sure whether your business needs to occupy an office on a permanent basis.

As the next step up from a

, this work space allows your business to position itself in a convenient location, designed to help you hit the ground running as your employees' needs change and as your company expands.

Benefits of a temporary office

Short-term contracts

Short-term contracts When you rent temporary office space you get all the benefits of a serviced office without being tied into a long-term contract or single fixed location. These temporary offices allow you to tackle new and complex projects in a space that’s ready for you from day one, as well as offer a place to house overflow staff if your business is going through a busy expansion period.

Ready-to-go infrastructure in a convenient location

Great for maintaining both privacy and staff productivity, temp offices are a fantastic way to move your business closer to your customers without committing to office space for the long term. They also offer great infrastructure from day one, and lower overheads than you would otherwise have if you maintained a permanent office in a business-critical location.
temporary office

Who can thrive in a temporary office?

Temporary workspaces are ideal for businesses who are:

Between leases

Rapidly expanding empresas em fase de arranque

Hiring seasonal staff

Working on new projects

Upgrading their permanent espaço de escritório

Expanding into a new location

Needing professional premises

Sound familiar? A temporary office space could be the answer to your workspace requirements, keeping you professional and productive in the short term.

What’s included in a temporary office rental?

What’s included in a temporary office rental?

As they’re designed to feel similar to a permanent location, when you rent temporary office space you receive the full benefits of escritórios com serviços

, allowing staff to work in a professional, networking-friendly environment. Our temporary offices include:

Breakout areas

Meeting rooms

In-office cleaning services

High-speed WiFi

Modern furniture and professional decor

Staffed reception areas

Phone lines and printing facilities

We can also offer administrative support and conference room rental as necessary for your business.

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If you’re looking for temp office space in your city or in a new location, you can enquire online or via telephone. We have over 3,000 locations worldwide to get you started.

Use the search box below to enter your postcode and find nearby temporary office space, or call our team today and let them compare temp office deals on your behalf.

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Rent temporary office space near me

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