Even if you have the most innovative startup around, it can be hard to know where to begin, and how to grow your business. Entrepreneurs have unique challenges and obstacles to overcome on their way to success. Navigating these hurdles can feel overwhelming when you factor in finding affordable office space, cultivating your vision, growing your reach, and hiring the right team members to help you get the ball rolling.The Easy Offices blog can help you along the way with its many articles, guides and tips that will help you make a real impact with your startup.

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The Three Big Challenges of Making it as a “Mumpreneur”

The crippling costs of childcare and the need for a better work life balance has coined the term “mumpreneur”; the ever increasing number of self employed mothers driving a boom of business across the UK. This group of business minded individuals are outdoing their male counterparts dramatically as The Telegraph …

The Three Big Challenges of Making it as a “Mumpreneur” Read More

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