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  • Martin Linges vei 25, Snaroya, 1330
    Located on the Oslo Fjord with a view towards the city centre, Fornebu lies at the heart of eastern Norway’s central region. This centre will be part of a complete urban community with a broad range of job, social and commercial services and opportunities. Public and private services, a library, a senior citizen’s centre, cultural facilities and recreational opportunities will be established in and around the IT and knowledge centre. The new head office of the Telenor telecommunications group, Aker Kværner and the SAS hotel are in the immediate vicinity. Fornebu lies about 10 km from downtown Oslo and 2 km from the Lysaker district, with its strong commercial and financial community as well as the major CC Vest shopping centre. Lysaker is also a substantial bus and rail hub, with the new Oslo Airport at Gardermoen roughly 30 minutes away by high-speed train. A rail link is planned for Fornebu.
    Tilgang hele døgnetPauseområderBeliggenhet i næringsparkBy/bysentrumBarnepassTreningssenter og helseromViktige transportknutepunktMøteromLunsjrestaurant på stedetParkeringRask internettilgangDusjTemperaturkontrollStudio for videokonferanser
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  • Rosenholmveien 25, Trollåsen, 1414
    This address is only 14 minutes from Oslo city centre so you will always be well connected to its attractions. The centre itself offers guests free parking, functional rooms and large common area for exhibitions and stands. The surrounding area is abundant in shops, hotels and regularly serviced transport links. It is highly accessible, so commutes are easy and simple. You can find this space next to Kolbotn kapell, where there is a trampoline park close by for team building days. There are supermarkets within driving distance, providing all the mundane services you could require.
    Tilgang hele døgnetVideovervåking hele døgnetPauseområderBeliggenhet i næringsparkBarnepassHeisMøteromLunsjrestaurant på stedetParkeringRask internettilgangTemperaturkontrollStudio for videokonferanserSykkellagring
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