Flexible Working

Flexible working options are at the heart of successful businesses today. Being able to choose where and when to work is key for sustaining happy, productive employees. Working from home, using coworking spaces, meeting rooms, or having flexible working hours are all ways businesses are adjusting to the new work climate. Offering an adaptable office space has become even more important in today’s working world. Staying on top of the latest news, tips and options with the Easy Offices Blog will help you and your business thrive.

parental leave
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The Parental Leave Report

There’s a lot to think about when deciding to have children – for many it isn’t an easy decision, especially when considering the impact on your career and your finances. Will your employer give you enough parental leave? Can you afford to take time out of work if you need …

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Flexible Working
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What is a Coworking Space?

With more and more businesses realising the benefits of working remotely and not being tied to a single location, we’re seeing an influx of workers turning to coworking spaces and shared offices. In fact, it’s estimated that almost five million people will be working from a coworking space by 2024.  …

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Flexible Working
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Should I Work From Home? The Pros and Cons of Home Working

With icy winter months creeping in, working from home may be the perfect solution to avoid disrupted public transport routes, traffic jammed motorways and slippery footpaths. For those wishing to be productive and at the same time, staying in close proximity to family ties, taking the office “home” should be …

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Flexible Working
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