5 Reasons to Take on an Intern Today

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If you’re a business or company that needs more employees, but you don’t have the budget to bulk out your staff levels, an intern could be the right choice for you.

Hiring an intern might seem like a bit of a headache, but the positives really do outweigh the negatives, especially as many of the negatives associated with hiring an intern are common misconceptions.


Here are 5 ways your business could benefit from hiring an intern:


1.  Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

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Although experience counts for a lot in every industry, it can also be restricted, which means a lack of fresh perspective. Interns may come in with some naivety, but with that they will also have plenty of ideas, suggestions and opinions which may benefit your business. By seeing your business from a completely new point of view, they may question things or make suggestions you hadn’t even considered, which could result in some positive changes within the company. If the way things work now aren’t necessarily as streamlined or inventive as they could be, an intern could be a great way to bring positive change.


2. Supporting the Youth of Today

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How many times have you heard or read about youth unemployment statistics recently? The youth of today have got a hard job catching a break, which is exactly why you should help them out. Even if you’re not looking to hire an intern permanently, simply enabling them to have vital work experience on their CV and to improve themselves is incredibly valuable. It not only means you support tomorrow’s workforce and show your company to be a forward thinking, compassionate one – but you help that young person on their journey to success, which is an amazing thing.



3. Understanding Technology

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Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, most young people are going to be more tech savvy than we are – because they have grown up with it. It has been part of their education, part of how they socialise and enjoy life. You might think you know your tech, but it can never hurt to have someone on board with knowledge of the latest trends. An added advantage is the fact that you won’t have to train them on the technical aspects of your business, which can be very time consuming.


4. An Extra Pair of Hands

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When you’re really busy, it always helps to have an extra pair of hands to help with the workload. Even with little experience, an extra person can help streamline your processes and reduce the stress on your permanent staff. If you have times during the year you are particularly busy, it can be a really great idea to hire an intern during this time. This stops you having to hire a permanent member of staff and means you can stay afloat during these busy periods.

5. Trying Out Potential New Staff

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If you are considering hiring someone full time but don’t have much faith in the interview process, hiring interns is a great way to try out potential new staff without any obligation. You can get a sense of their work ethic, passion for the job and skill set without having to commit to hiring them full time. If they do turn out to be a good candidate, you can take them on permanently. If they aren’t the right fit, they can move on at the end of their internship benefitting from feedback and experience without you having wasted any time or money hiring them.


To read about the laws and legislation surrounding hiring an intern in the UK, take a look at this link – https://www.gov.uk/employment-rights-for-interns

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