A Move to Serviced Offices Saves Small Businesses Time

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Spare time is a commodity afforded by few small business owners. Profit is seldom increased by time spent away from client-related work. Nevertheless a skeletal staff structure will often denote that time consuming and yet vital tasks, such as property management, fall to the directors.

For any start up or SME organisation managing your own office space is a significant drain on time and internal resources.

Easy Offices was recently contacted by Insight Now, a business with few staff members looking to relocate to central London. Like many small businesses considering an office move, Insight Now wanted a flexible, low-cost work space solution that would offer them ease of move to help keep business disruption to a minimum.

In a case study provided by Insight Now, the company explains just how much time and effort a serviced office, found by Easy Offices, saved their business:

“I contacted Easy Offices late in the afternoon. By the following morning I have a series of options on my desktop, followed by more details from the selected landlords/agents.

We selected a shortlist. The viewings were set up with one call from me. We visited the offices on a Thursday afternoon and after a very rapid follow-up process had agreed terms of a fantastic office by the following Monday. The whole process took 9 working days from start to finish.

“This was a very easy process, facilitated very efficiently and in a non-pushy way. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Easy Offices to anyone in a similar position to me.”

If you are a start up businesses looking to make the leap from home-working to renting your own office space, or a relocating company looking for the easiest solution for your move, contact Easy Offices today. We understand the impact that office relocation can have on a business and will help you save time and money through finding you your perfect, flexible serviced office in London or throughout the UK. Give us a call today and we will help make your office move as EASY as possible!


About Insight Now

Insight Now is an innovative company at the forefront of providing real-time consumer interaction and experience management. We use a variety of unique tools and techniques to help companies identify the gap between your strategic aspirations for customer experience and business performance and the current reality from the perspective of your customers, your frontline staff and compared to your peer group.

Our survey tools and contact analysis techniques automatically transform the voices of your customers and your people into insight which is relevant and actionable. We are a growing business selling to large blue chip companies in the UK, USA and South Africa.

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