Abbey Business Centres Introduces Early Contract Release for Unhappy Clients

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Abbey Business Centres has announced that it is so confident about the level of customer satisfaction at its UK business centres that any client not 100% happy with the service they receive will be released from their contract early.


A first for the serviced office industry, according to Abbey’s new “Customer Satisfaction Guarantee” customers signing from 9th November 2009 will be entitled to exit their contract early if the operator has not successfully resolved any issues raised by the client.


Back in June Easy Offices‘ New Site released an article regarding Abbey’s Weybridge business centre where clients were so happy that they were staying for an average of 3.5 years!  Although serviced offices are typically associated with providing a short term solution for companies not looking to commit to a conventional lease, Abbey has found that once clients sign up at Weybridge they don’t seem to want to leave.  Additionally, during March, Abbey Business Centres revealed that its clients were so contented that they were staying with them for longer and longer with the average stay, per client, up to an impressive 30 months.


The new Customer Satisfaction Guarantee applies to 12 month signings only and issues must be raised, in writing, to the business centre manager within the first 8 weeks of occupancy.


Source: Abbey Business Centres


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