Are Serviced Offices Right for My Business?

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The difference between serviced offices, managed offices and conventional offices is not always clear-cut. There is some dispute within the office space industry over what ultimately constitutes serviced, managed or conventional space. This is because there are some grey areas between the three different types of space due to cross-overs between what each typically provides. Occasionally office operators will offer additional facilities which you might not ordinarily expect to find, for example furnished offices being sold on a conventional basis.

However being aware of the fundamental offerings of each of the three letting options can help you decide which type of office space will best suit your company.

In today’s blog we will start off by looking at serviced offices, tomorrow managed offices and on Friday conventional offices. For more information on any of these types of lettings, and for help searching for offices in your local area, please contact us on 020 3773 2893.

What are Serviced Offices?

A serviced office is an pre-made office space which you can very simply sign up for and move into. Walk into your new serviced office and you will find a fully equipped working environment complete with furniture, desks, internet access and telephone lines, making it easy for you to start work right away.

The concept of the serviced office has grown in popularity with modern businesses because of the flexibility that it allows. Companies can take an office for immediate start and sign up to a short term licence agreement which allows them very short notice periods. Typically serviced office licences start from one up to three months, however clients can choose to rent space for years.

What do Serviced Offices Typically Provide?

Serviced Offices will typically, but not always, be located within a business centre meaning that your office is part of a working community supported by an onsite management team. You can expect a manned reception area, meeting room facilities and a range of business support services including fax and photocopying. In short, everything the modern business could possibly require right at your fingertips!

Are Serviced Offices the Right Choice for my Business?

Start up companies and SMEs are very well suited to serviced offices. This is because they do not have to fork out for office equipment or large deposits, helping to keep initial overheads low. The flexible tenure of the serviced office is also a great opportunity for new businesses to rent space for shorter periods without getting tied into a long term contract.

However it is a common misconception to think that serviced offices are only for smaller businesses. Major corporations also make use of serviced offices in a variety of situations. We have dealt with many large companies looking for temporary office space to use in the case of regional project work or for “swing space” to tie them over with a ready-made office while they are moving between longer lets. Additionally serviced offices are the perfect solution for a disaster recovery situation or in the case of overflow space if offices become over-populated with staff.

Look out for our blogs on Thursday and Friday covering the fundamentals of managed and conventional office space!

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