Businesses See Value in Video Conferencing During Ash Cloud

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The air crisis has seen the cancellation of thousands of flights in and out of Europe, and stranded Britons are providing news feed on every network. The consequences on local businesses became apparent to serviced office operator Omnia Offices last week, when they received an influx of calls from businesses needing alternative means to meeting with clients and colleagues in Europe.

Omnia’s video conferencing facilities give local businesses the ability to conduct meetings that would have otherwise been cancelled due to the ash cloud, and realising that future use can save them time and money, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

Providing video conferencing facilities since 2005, Omnia can book and set up a Video Conferencing calls within a few minutes, and through its global network can set up both ends of the call. With a support team on hand, and onsite refreshment facilities; businesses are wondering whey they bothered with the cost of flights in the first place!

Omnia Customer Services manager Jackie McFall says “Businesses have suddenly realised that there are cost-effective and less time consuming ways of meeting overseas contacts. Video conferencing is not used widely enough and we are only too happy to help those having difficulties in this current situation.”

Omnia have been at the forefront of video conferencing facilities over the last few years, they hope that despite the current crisis, this will at least bring peace of mind to those business owners who are always looking for ways to work in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Source: Omnia Offices

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  1. Yeah I heard lots of companies cashed in on the air crisis. Someone I know paid ÂŁ8,500 for a meeting room for half a day because he was stuck abroad and had a very important meeting. I know another person who paid ÂŁ2000 for a cab from Belgium to London. That is crazy money.

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