Cube Real Estates Team Up with BP’s Ropemaker Properties

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One of Easy Offices top quality providers of Flexible lease, Serviced and Managed Office Space Cube Real Estates has teamed up with BP’s Ropemaker Properties to form joint venture named the “Cubemaker Partnership” which includes a potential investment of up to ÂŁ100m in UK commercial property.


The partnership comes at a time when BP’s Ropemaker Properties hope to take advantage of lowered property prices and, with management by Cube Real Estates, is looking to invest up to ÂŁ100m into what have become “cheap” UK properties due to the current downturn.   


Cube Real Estates current portfolio of Office Space accommodation extends to the London and West London areas.  Formed in 2002, the firm has seen success through investment in commercial and mixed-use property.


The partnership is not the originator of investment of this kind with real estate companies seeing a number of investment opportunities in the UK market due to lowered property prices over recent months.  It is interesting that BP are choosing to invest at a time when current economic conditions appear to be showing no obvious signs of turning, however there is certainly the opportunity for the right investments to really pay off and, according to commercial property magazine Property Week, the firm are targeting properties where prices have dramatically lowered and where there is a real potential for asset management.


Cube Real Estates offer top quality Serviced and Managed Office opportunities and we currently have their properties at below locations on our portfolio, please click on the below links for a further overview of the buildings, should you wish to arrange a viewing at any of the properties please give us a call on 0800 085 5050.


Cube Real Estate Locations; The Arena, Uxbridge The Plantation Wharf, Battersea

 London Road, Sevenoaks Nicholsons Walk, Maidenhead Sherwood Drive, Milton Keynes




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  1. personally im not so sure these tactics will pay off in the long term, depending on where the properties are they are investing in? and I agre why not wait until prices fall further when they are going that way now anyway, does this company know something the rest of us dont?

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