Easy Suit Hacks for Men

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We now live in an entrepreneurial world, which is fantastic. However, it also means classic business attire isn’t always the style of choice as casual attire becomes more popular. However, if you’re trying to be taken seriously in business, whether you’re working your way up through the ranks, or you’re an entrepreneur, suits do still have a place in your wardrobe. Suits are still expected and necessary in certain scenarios, whether that’s an interview at a new company, or in a meeting with a potential business partner.

Despite this need for at least one well fitted suit, many people still struggle to find ‘the one’. It’s no wonder really, with such an infinite amount of colour, material, accessories available, not to mention quickly changing trends.

© Flazingo Photos
© Flazingo Photos

If the thought of buying a suit leaves you feeling a little stressed, these tips should help:

What Do You Need

Before you get distracted by the choice, you have to focus on what you need. A man should always have a navy and a grey suit, with grey being the most versatile in its different uses. Wool blend is the material to go for as it is good quality and usually very reasonably priced. For a third choice opt for a classic black, saved for more formal occasions.

Better Buttons?

If you’re looking to make your suit more personalised, it’s very easy to do so with a simple button swap. This is an easy job for a tailor to complete and won’t cost you much at all, unless you purchase rare or precious metal buttons. Consider mother of pearl, embroidered buttons or even natural material buttons like hemp weave or wood.

Being Creative

When you have your ‘staple suits’, you can then experiment with different colour combinations, cuts and materials like chequered suits, pinstripe, plaid and double breasted suits.

Don’t Be Sloppy

Always opt for slim fit for a more up to date look. Most retailers will have slim fit as standard, with super slim being another option for you if you’re looking for a super slick look. Either way, opting for a bigger suit will only do you a disservice giving you a sloppier look and making you look bigger in all the wrong ways.

Get The Fit Right

Your shoulders should be the key focus when you’re looking to buy a suit because that’s near enough the only part of you that won’t be affected (in regards to the suit fit) should you put on or lose weight. The shoulder seam should not be longer than your shoulders.

Socks Or No Socks

The ‘no sock’ look can be a really good choice for young, stylish businessmen looking to bring a more up to date and casual aspect to their suit. However, always consider where you’re going to be – this isn’t a look for business meetings with senior management.


As a general rule, only add one accessory per suit whether that’s cufflinks, pocket squares or even lapels. Any more and you’ll cheapen the entire look.

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Because suits are a flowing, full body ‘look’, if you wear the wrong colour shoes, it will be very noticeable. For grey or navy suits opt for brown shoes and never choose shoes the same colour as the suit unless the suit is black.

What Lies Beneath

Your suit will be more expensive than your shirt, but it’s actually worth paying more attention to the shirt than the suit. Why? Because you will most likely spend around 20% of the time with your suit jacket on, the rest of the time you’re likely to just be wearing the shirt and trousers. So it needs to be breathable, comfortable and fit well.

Avoid baggy sleeves and excess fabric around the waist. White goes with everything so is the easiest colour option. With ties, you can go a little bit ‘wild’ if you want to, but keep novelty ties and garish patterns out of the office if you want to be taken seriously.

How Much?

This is entirely your choice. A lot of people believe you should always buy the most expensive suit you can afford, because it’s an investment. However, that’s not necessarily the best thing to do, especially if you don’t wear a suit everyday. Look for quality and versatility, and don’t be afraid to shop around in the sale. If you’ve got a bargain price on a great suit, you can then afford to get it tailored to fit.

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