Encouraging Positivity in Your Workforce

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In business, things can get tough. Senior management putting pressure on you to reach sales targets, budgeting issues, staff conflict, and benefit cuts – there’s always something to dampen morale and turn the workplace into a hotbed of negativity.

With this in mind, it is never a bad thing to practise positivity and to promote positivity in your workforce. It makes sense that the less focused, happy and driven your staff are, the less productive and effective they will be.

The more positive they are – the more productive and effective they will be. It’s super simple, but super important.

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Here are a few tips to help you encourage positivity in your workforce:

Be the Change

If you want positivity, you have to be positive. You cannot expect anyone to be positive if you are constantly moaning, gossiping and spreading negative vibes. Simple things like saying good morning to your team and asking them how they are can really support that teamwork vibe and make your team feel cared for. You should also be a master at putting a positive spin on things. If you’re a project manager you’ll already know how to do this with projects nobody wants to do, so learn how to do it with everything and be the change, be the positive person people radiate towards.

Recognise Talents and Effort

We all crave praise and recognition and it makes sense that it should come from management, because management are the people actively judging and curating work provided by the workforce. Constantly saying ‘that’s great’ and ‘well done’ can come across as insincere, so make sure you’re not handing out praise for every single thing. But also make sure you aren’t going the other way and being tight with your praise, making people feel like you’ll only say something positive about them once in a blue moon. A good thing to do can be a once a day or once a week email to your team letting them know who has really impressed you. This can be through good attitude, punctuality, making extra effort to learn or simply through working hard. Simply noticing someone making the extra effort and praising them for it can make a big difference and show your team you’re grateful of their efforts.

Exercise & Hydration

It is important to encourage basic factors that make everyone more positive in general. Exercise is known to give us all a natural high, so why not start the team meeting with a few stretches or a five minute crazy dance session. It can be as wacky as you like, but getting your workforce moving is a really good thing to do. Team slumping in the afternoon? Introduce five minutes of comedy stretches, the endorphins will soon be running through their bloodstream and perking them up again. You should also be encouraging lots of water drinking. This can be done via little reminders around the office talking about the benefits of water, to banning drinks other than water at the desks (this also saves on cleaning issues!). Hydration wakes the brain up, makes us feel better and reduces fatigue – we are made up of 60% water to it makes sense to drink a lot of it.

Remember, positivity isn’t just a given so you need to actively promote it in your workforce. If you put the effort in, you will reap the rewards and find a steep difference in the atmosphere you walk into at work every day.

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