Five Tips for Travelling Successfully On Business

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Undoubtedly the internet has made the world a smaller place, allowing businesses to connect and secure contracts worldwide. Where a conference or Skype call may strengthen your relationships and provide a practical and cost effective alternative to a face to face meeting, sometimes being there in person is a “must do”.

Where some may think that business travel is the ideal opportunity to see the world and experience new cultures, the reality is quite the opposite. Faced with overnight flights, tight airline restrictions and a constant rush to meet connections, travelling on business can be both stressful and exhausting. That’s even before you’ve stepped foot in the office.

Here are Easy Office’s top five tips to help you feel more energised when you are back at your office desk.

1.       Prioritise Your Packing

With airlines continuously raising prices on checked in luggage, taking hand luggage is the most common solution. With tight restrictions this is particularly limiting if you are visiting a country with a colder climate. Pack one colour of trousers/ skirt and a matching jacket, versatile enough to work with any separates. Wear your heaviest items when travelling and buy toiletries after security to beat liquid restrictions. Remember you are travelling on business, so make sure you have all the sufficient chargers and country specific adapters to power your work essentials.





2.       Call Ahead

Rather than getting to your location and finding yourself in a Wi-Fi free zone, contact your mobile provider ahead of your trip and arrange a mobile hotspot to be set up on your phone. This way you can be stress free knowing you can get online when and where you want and it can often be more cost effective than expensive hotel rates. If you are away for a long period of time, working from a virtual office at your location can often be the easiest way to work efficiently.





3.       Be Sensible With Your Sleep

Often the easiest way to start your trip well rested is to book a mid-day flight, allowing you to have your full night’s sleep and time for any last minute preparations. Stick to a sleep routine where possible even if it isn’t reflective of the local time. Completely exhausted? Try to get a nap when you can and if sleeping on the plane is a possibility, book a window seat so you aren’t disturbed by other passengers.






4.       Print Your Vital Info

Where use of gadgets and mobile boarding passes may save you some space, you never know when you may run out of battery or be unable to pick up a signal. Print all of the information you will need before you go, including any transfers or hotels. It’s always good to have a backup plan.






5.       Make Healthy Choices

Travelling can cause all kinds of havoc to your diet which can make you irritable. Staying away from heavy foods and alcohol, especially on your flight will make travelling much more bearable. Eating at airports and hotels means options loaded with salt and carbs quickly making you feel like you are burning out. Find a supermarket to source some fresh fruit and choose the healthier choice on the menu, even if it is a more expensive option.

The key ingredients to successful business travel is just like any other meeting. Preparation in combination with a good night’s sleep is the ideal start to a productive working week, wherever you find yourself in the world.

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