Full VAT Update Service Available Now for Business Centres

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RJmetis, the leading supplier of management software for serviced offices, announced today the availability of its VAT update service. With the rate change to 20% VAT less than three months away, organisations need to be preparing now to avoid confusion in the New Year.

Justin Harley, MD at RJmetis, explained: “Companies don’t have a choice about VAT; implementing the rate change has to be done. With the increase coming just after the Christmas holiday period, we are keen to encourage organisations to think about this now and make the necessary amendments to their software, thereby alleviating one source of stress at this busy time of the year. Whilst users can make the changes manually, our experience has shown that this is a time consuming and complex process that can lead to unnecessary errors.”

Once the CentreCharge upgrade is complete, all invoices will apply the correct VAT rate based on Tax point or invoice date, ensuring that the invoices will always apply the correct rate of VAT. In addition all orders and items will automatically be corrected to show the current rate of VAT, which means CentreCharge users will not need to make any manual changes.


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