Google’s moving to Kings Cross. Who else will follow?

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With the recent news surrounding Google’s planned move to Kings Cross, Easy Offices wondered how this might affect the area and whether other businesses would follow the Search Giant across town to a previously unfashionable area of London?
Google’s acquisition of the 2.4 acre site where they plan to build a million square feet may trigger further interest in an area that traditionally businesses have normally left alone. Prices in the area before Google’s move were low for London but this now may change as other companies will be keen to be close to such a big market player.

Google has offices in Victoria and Holborn and this move may allow them to house all their staff in one place offering obvious advantages to any business. The other factor is of course that Kings Cross is so close to St. Pancras International Station for the Eurostar service into Europe. There wouldn’t be too many sites in Central London that could accommodate such a large sale and this coupled with the affordability of the area would have made this one of the more attractive options.

There’s no doubt this will in time trigger increased interest in Kings Cross, huge companies like Google will be doing lots of work with other businesses and it makes sense for these Companies to be as close as possible to their Head Office.

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