How do the world’s biggest and best CEOs manage their email?

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Think you get a lot of emails? Your inbox may make you tremble with fear every morning, but have you ever thought about how many messages the big chiefs at the world’s most infamous companies get on a daily basis? Probably the number you return to after a week’s holiday. Multiplied by 100.

In order to be hugely successful, they have had to be hugely organised – something we would all love to be. So why not learn from the best? From the head of Groupon to Bill Gates we’ve had some insider information into how some of the most recognised business faces operate their inbox. Here’s a heads up- there techniques are nothing which you can’t easily replicate yourself.

Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon

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Do you often see a steady stream of emails pop into your inbox from this daily deal website? Where you may consider this as unwanted clutter, it’s a newsletter that receives results. He may have teams worldwide sending out the emails to your inbox, but he doesn’t pass the buck to a PA when it comes to managing his own emails. With the help of inbox zero with Omnifocus and simply starring emails, he has been known to send replies in less than a minute. He isn’t skimping on quality responses either; his emails are known to be thoughtful and efficient.


Tony Hsieh of Zappos

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Tony Hsieh of Zappos on the other hand doesn’t tackle his inbox handling alone. The online footwear and clothing emporium is founded on the culture of openness meaning that he is likely to receive a greater number of emails than most CEOS, which is where his team of “email ninjas” come in. This team of around 4-5 full time email handlers not only have one of the best job titles going, but hold the responsibility of providing open and honest responses in a timely manner.



Bill Gates, Microsoft

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Having predicted the popularity of email, believe it or not Bill Gates has claimed that he only receives 40- 50 emails a day. Whether he guards his email address with his life or has had many years up on the rest of us on how to manage it meritoriously we don’t know, but he takes the approach of processing his messages little and often. He may not completely take an inbox zero stance on things, but the difference between Bill and the rest of us is that he does eventually get round to answering all queries- where most of us forget…



Jeff Bezos, Amazon  Low Prices in Electronics  Books  Sports Equipment   more

The man behind Amazon was born with a sense of humour, but there is probably some truth in his response. Having been posed with this question by Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia co- founder, he claims to answer emails either within 10 minutes, or never. If true, it is nothing more than a matter of luck whether your email will ever been seen again! Not a method to try yourself but you’ve got to admire him for his honesty!




Are your messages in a mess or are you more on top of email than these high fliers?

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