How to get enough exercise when working in an office

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When the majority of your day involves using your brain power your mind may be getting a thorough work out, but the only exercise you will be getting is walking from desk to meeting room. A sedentary lifestyle is not an ideal solution for anyone, but is becoming more and more the norm in the working world.

Despite trying to squeeze a gym session in before or after work, it doesn’t always happen- finding time for exercise is a challenge. This is why adding exercise to your everyday routine makes fitness a more achievable goal.

Consider these methods of integrating exercise into your working day without having to completely reorganise your schedule.

Start with your commute

If part or all of your commute could be done by running, cycling or walking, make the switch now. You’ll get exercise, save money and have achieved some of your fitness goals before you’ve even stepped foot in the office. You may also notice an increase in productivity with endorphins running around.

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Reclaim fifteen minutes

Remember when you were at school and a fifteen minute break seemed like all the time in the world? If you are in between meetings and have fifteen minutes to spare, instead of refreshing your inbox or checking your newsfeed, go and do a burst of activity instead. A short period of exercise will clear your head for more coherent thinking.


Regular breaks from your desk are important to keep things moving, but are also advised by HSE to help reduce eye strain. Five minute strolls are recommended, as are some quick are easy exercises which can help trim and tone where you need it most, otherwise known as deskercise. Here are six to try out the next time you feel like stretching your legs. Be warned, you may get a few strange looks.

Buddy up

You are less likely to back out of a workout if you have made a commitment to exercise with someone else. If there is nothing in place already, set up a running club before or after work once or twice a week, or get a lunch time game of football going if there are facilities close by. In order to ensure that excuses are difficult to make, keep a change of gym clothes at your desk or some small hand weights for the overly dedicated.


Train towards a goal

Events such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Race or a marathon require you to ramp up your fitness for months in advance. What’s more, they are ideal team building events to do with your colleagues and you can raise money for charity at the same time. Knowing that you have something to aim for, or a great cause to support will give you the drive and determination which you may have been lacking.

If you have a dedicated team of fitness fans, why not take a brainstorm meeting out on a run, you may be surprised by inspired insight which comes to you.

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