i2 Office Upgrades to UltraSoft Technology Ahead of Major Expansion

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Serviced office operator i2 Office has introduced UltraSoftBIS software to help enhance its inventory and billing systems ahead of a major company expansion.

The technology-focussed company currently operates from ten locations across the country and plans to double in size over the next year. i2 Office CEO Philip Grace said that the team was “on track” to meet the aggressive expansion plans and that bringing the new technology on board was essential to support the businesses inventory, billing and management infrastructure.

Having used the UltraSoftBIS system for just over a month the i2 Office team reportedly have a renewed confidence in the accuracy of their invoicing systems. Philip said: “Despite having to completely change our infrastructure to accommodate UltraSoftBIS, it has proven to be 100% reliable and has streamlined our billing system.  Raising monthly client invoices used to take days – now even the largest business centre can raise and issue all of its invoices in a single day, which is a tremendous saving in centre management time.

UltraSoftBIS allows easy monitoring and processing of information regarding billing and inventory providing staff at i2 Office with fast access to floor plans, inventory and availability records. Philip added: “The ability to extract information on key data is essential to running a business and the accuracy of the output information will help to minimise exposure to the business. We believe that the improved functionality and flexibility that UltraSoftBIS provides to i2 Office will help support our plans to double the size of our business during the next 12 months.”

UltraSoft technologies are continuing to enhance their product range. Managing Director, Harun Biswas, commented: “We recently launched our Customer Web Portal, through which centre operators can sell to, and interact with customers and potential customers 24/7. This was followed with the launch of our proposal module which allows centre sales teams to generate an instant, fully-detailed electronic or printed client proposal, incorporating fixtures and fittings, pricing, floorplans, images and real-time availability, with just a few clicks.  In the time it takes to make the prospective client a cup of coffee, the software can check occupancy levels, space inventory and availability, pricing structures and all current centre client licence periods to ensure that both the centre, and the prospective new client, get the best possible deal.”

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