Kitchen Wars

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Several members of our staff were commenting on a survey yesterday morning that they had heard on the radio as they drove into work. The survey was detailing the most annoying Office habits of staff and the issue that caused the most commotion was: ‘who makes the tea and coffee in the office?’

A common gripe for staff relates to managers that don’t ever make anyone a drink. When we spoke about this in our own office this was also true, although in fairness our 2 Directors are not frequent tea drinkers like some of the staff. Also, anyone that has ever received an email from Andrew Hogan, our Sales Director and resident model, will realise that he’s all ‘fingers and thumbs’ so any brew that he had any involvement in would not be touched!

Another member of our staff went through a stage of having some type of instant noodle at lunchtime that smelt like cat food until we eventually wore her down with our less than complimentary comments! Shared kitchens in offices tend to spread the aroma of whatever anyone has had at lunch so at various times of the week our offices resemble a Chinese, Curry house and greasy spoon depending on the staff’s lunchtime choices.

What irks you about your colleague’s eating habits or food choices? Does the boss never make the tea or does the vegetarian sitting next to you get upset when you’re tucking into that donner kebab every Friday?

Let us know – it’s Friday, it’s a long weekend and the sun is at last shining, so spill the beans on what bothers you and have some fun with it!

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  1. My Boss drinks Earl Grey but he won’t let anyone else make it. He doesn’t make anyone else a drink when he makes his own though!

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