Making the Most of Your Commute: Five Ways to Increase Productivity On The Go

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Depending on where you live and your choice of occupation, a commute could either last minutes or hours with your chosen mode of transport ranging from bus to bike.

The journey to and from work can often be the most frustrating part of a day with eager staff keen to squeeze every possible working moment they can out of their schedule.


Here’s how you can be more productive on your commute, no matter the length of your journey.

1.       Reconsider Your Mode of Transport

Sitting behind the steering wheel requires the greatest amount of concentration on a daily commute, meaning that there is little opportunity to maximise on this time. Chances are the traffic on the roads will be at their worst, meaning that swapping the car for the tube or bus will not only keep the mileage on your car to a minimum, but give you the opportunity to read, catch up on emails and even indulge in some “me” time.

2.       Update your Audio lists and Podcasts

If you work in a more remote location and require your car to get you where you need to be, your time doesn’t need to be wasted. Downloading audio books and keeping up to date with podcasts are the ideal opportunity to either unwind by listening to your favourite fictional story, or become more knowledgeable about your area of work. Pocket offers audio editions of The Economist making sure you are up to scratch on business affairs, and Instapaper and Instafetch are a match made in heaven which work in sync to transcribe websites into audio news.

3.       Prioritise Your Goals for the Day

In order for you to hit the ground running upon entering work, it is important to think about what needs to get done and when- Wunderlist allows you to keep a list of your priorities. You can also use Siri if you want to get a head start on emails or reminders by dictating on the go.

4.       Make Your Commute Your Exercise

Do you dread a gym session after a long day at work and a tiring commute? Combine your exercise and commute in one by cycling, walking or even running to work and add extra hours onto your day. If you need to look sharp in the morning, then try commuting just once a day. A change of clothes and some products to freshen you up are important to have to hand.

 5.       Clear Your Head

By coming to the office with a clear mind, you should be able to approach your daily challenges with a better attitude and the ability to troubleshoot more effectively. Although it may be difficult, turn everything off, and take some time to breathe deeply and block everything else out.

If this is too difficult on busy public transport, instead indulge in one of your favourite ways to unwind, catch up on your favourite TV show or listen to your favourite album. Long commute? Treat yourself to a quick nap.

Using your commuting time can prove a challenge, but these five tips should help you achieve more throughout the day.  How do you make the most of your commute?

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