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Mountains of emails? A board meeting too many? Piles of paper work? Taking regular breaks throughout the working day can be beneficial to reducing stress levels and boosting productivity, but sometimes taking a deep breath or short walk just won’t do.

Often a key contributor to stress levels, the seemingly no escape of ever present technology has created the “digital depression”, but the right app or gadget can be the life line that even the most harassed office worker is crying out for. A pick of the right technology can be helpful in keeping stress at bay, creating happier, healthier and more organised employees.

From hot off the press updates from Google, to more imaginative stress relieving video games, here is Easy Office’s pick of effective organisational tools and moments of work life escapism to create the ideal working balance.


Evernote   Remember everything with Evernote  Skitch and our other great apps.Bombarded with imminent deadlines? What has been hailed as the “note taking application King”, Evernote manages both long-term and short-term deadlines with helpful reminders. A “note” can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note. Their video library makes life even easier, with a wealth of tutorials, tips and tricks to get you started.

Google Keep


Hot on the heels of Evernote, Google has recently updated their tool which creates, accesses and organises notes, lists and photos with added functionality to include reminders. This is a great way to keep track of your ideas, when and where they come to mind. Adding to the benefits of this application, all notes are automatically saved onto Google Drive allowing easy remote access. If you are stimulated by clean and colourful aesthetics, you will find Google Keep’s interface appealing.



 If your emails are accumulating faster than you’d like, Taskforce may be the app for you. This helpful add on is an extension added to your inbox that integrates with Gmail to convert your emails into tasks and makes it simple to create reminders so you can save time and be organised. Have some projects which can wait? Delay tasks that aren’t urgent- they’ll disappear until they’re ready to be worked on.



 Described as a “whole new planning experience”, combining a calendar and to do list in one Coolendar has received raving reviews. With efficiency at the heart of its design, the user interface is easy to use with a simplistic approach, however the features behind this are clever and sophisticated. Coolendar is accessible anywhere, with Android, IOS and G Talk compatibility. If staying focused is a major downfall of yours, Coolendar is worth trying.

Beat The Boss


And finally… if none of these innovative organisational tools work for you, you can always Beat The Boss! Sometimes even the most prepared individual can still get stressed, with last minute demands from the boss causing those hair pulling moments. Get your own back with this rather addictive game, doing exactly what the name suggests. With over 8 million downloads, this more unconventional stress relieving method must be a winning combination- just don’t tell the boss!

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