Not working as a team? Try extreme team building activities

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Strong teams are built to last, which is why every now and again time must be taken to cement relationships and break down barriers to encourage greater communication, effectiveness and smooth out any weak links in the team.

Getting away from the everyday office environment is often the best place to do this, allowing employees to show more of their true personalities whilst still working together to overcome challenges and hurdles, where you can also further develop problem solving skills.

Leaving the traditional “away day” behind, a recent trend which takes a more extreme approach to team building is on the rise. Forget a game of charades, these daring and altogether hair raising activities are the new generation of team building.

Here are five of our favourite:

1.       Bush Tucker Trial

Following in the footsteps of our jungle based celebrity pals in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, many team building organisations are offering workforces their very own opportunity to take on a bush tucker trial- whether it is eating rather unpleasant and questionable food sources or coming face to face with some terrifying creatures or creepy crawlies.

An all-expenses paid trip to Australia is most definitely an added luxury which many companies may have issues footing the bill for however…

2.       Leap of faith

Afraid of heights? Then this might not be for you. A challenge to build personal confidence, but also to build the trust of your colleagues, jumping from a 10m telegraph pole generally isn’t your run of the mill office activity. Standing on a tiny platform you must have the courage and determination to jump off. Your health and safety manager must not worry, you are of course protected by safety ropes and personal protection equipment.

3.       Zorbing

A corporate activity with a large inflatable twist. Ever wanted to relieve some anger on one of your rather irritating colleagues? Without hurting them of course?! Then chasing them around in what can only be described as a giant hamster ball may be for you. Often described as a combination between a bungee jump and a rollercoaster ride, this experience is guaranteed to thrill as you sphere down a hill.

4.       Hunt the Forest Beast

This team building activity will guarantee to get heads together. If you think you are in for a couple of pleasant days camping away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life you can think again. A murderer mystery meets survival weekend, in teams you must spend the day trying to track down the Forest Beast who has captured tourists just like you. Having met local superstitious characters offering clues, it is up to your team to solve the mystery. Competition and team cohesion likely to unfold.

5.       Chariot Racing

Taking a step back in time to old school competition, here you work together to build and decorate your own chariot before taking part in a challenging race. After your chariot is up to racing standards, teams saddle up (yes your colleagues step in for the actual horses) and make their way around the obstacle course. Oh to be a fly on the wall…

Give one of these activities a try if you and your colleagues are feeling brave enough- you are sure to learn a thing or two about each other! Your team may not become instantly connected over night, but let’s face it you will certainly have something to talk about over the water cooler!

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