Office Resolution’s for the New Year

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Most of us are familiar with the usual proclamations that are normally made at this time of the year. After a couple of weeks of over indulgence, the most common New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight or to start going to the gym as a result of all those mince pies, wine, cheese and chocolate!

It’s our first week back and to kick things off on a positive footing for 2013 the Director’s at Easy Offices thought they’d ask the staff to come up with their own New Year Resolutions for the office. Instead of dictating to the staff what’s expected of them we thought we’d instead ask what they might expect from us. Fortunately no-one suggested a full size Basketball court ala Googleplex.

After a cup of tea or a strong coffee in some cases, the ‘grey matter’ eventually started working again after laying dormant through the festive games of Charades, Cluedo and Monopoly. Have a look at the responses below:

1. Office Health – Having a fruit box delivered once a week that the staff could dip into when they wanted a snack, albeit a healthy one. If you can source your goods from a local supplier or an independent Retailer then you’ll also be helping a small business! We’re lucky enough to already have a water machine but this again is an excellent and affordable way of encouraging staff away from fizzy, sugar loaded drinks.

2. Get Organised – We are going to sit down and go through with the staff how they manage their days and time. Depending upon individual roles there is often scope to target specific tasks or responsibilities for certain days or even periods of time during a working day. The mind set and motivation will be different on a Monday than a Friday for example so you may want to organise your working week with this in mind. You can also apply this to the working day, depending whether you a morning person or a night owl will determining which times of the day are most productive for you.

3. Relationships – Now we don’t mean the Office Party, too much to drink type of relationship, but being more conscious and at times more respectable to the other staff members that we share our working space with. A simple ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ or asking how a colleague’s weekend was are all positive ways to create a better working relationship. By engaging in simple conversation you will often find common points of interest and once you’ve done this it will be much easier to chat once you’ve found a subject you’re both keen on! It’s pretty obvious that an office with amiable staff will outperform one where they’re at each other’s throats! Very few of us work in total isolation so we all need at some point the support, advice and help of others.

4. Productivity – There’s a certain intrinsic value in leaving work at the end of the day and having a sense of satisfaction or value if you’ve managed to complete certain tasks. Management can play an active role in supporting their staff and ensuring that they have all the software, support and training to carry out their duties. Training is readily available for most aspects of business from using software to specific sales training and although an expense, is more importantly an investment into both the individual’s and company’s future. Investing time and money on your staff is a sign of trust and is a fantastic way to increase staff confidence and loyalty.

5. Environment – We spend a lot of time in our various offices so it’s important that they are as comfortable as possible. Having the right temperature or individual thermostats is one way of keeping everyone happy if the office is large enough. Making sure there is ample light and fresh air when appropriate and using plants and shrubs to break up work areas all help create an aesthetically pleasing workplace. Creating even the smallest breakout areas is also another great way of allowing staff to break the monotony of eating at their desks and again may encourage conversation and ‘down time’ where staff can relax and chat in a ‘non-work’ environment. Providing herbal teas in the kitchen areas or buying one of the ‘easy to use’ espresso machines are all popular and now affordable ways to help set the office mood.

These are just some of the ways that Easy Offices will be looking to help, energise and motivate our staff in 2013 but we’re always interested in hearing other ideas and plans for the New Year. You can leave a comment below or if you prefer to join the discussion you can also use the following Social Media Channels: Google + , Facebook , Twitter

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