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Within the wonderful world of sales, there is always a need for sales meetings, which for some, can be something to be dreaded. Long, tiresome, efforts by the manager to ‘raise enthusiasm’ and ‘get everyone focused’, which actually just result in people getting bored and daydreaming about the end of the working day. So what is the secret of a successful sales meeting?

Well, by being here you’re already one step ahead of the game. Why? Because you’re already trying to figure out how to improve your sales meetings. So many managers lead with ego and believe their methods work – sadly to the detriment of their sales figures. The first step is striving for improvement, the rest is simply a case of swapping and changing your approach until you find something that works for you.

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Here are some simple tips for a successful sales meeting:

Never Believe Your Sales Meeting Approach Is Perfect

It may be the case that you approach sales meetings in a certain way and see successful results for a while, however, you need to be one step ahead of the game at all times. Your industry is constantly changing, your team is evolving, the market you’re targeting is changing – always try to be one step ahead of the game and be ready to try new things and explore new approaches. You might be having great sales meetings, but there could be a slight tweak you could make that could make them epic. You’ll never know what that tweak is if you rest on your laurels and assume you’re getting everything right.

Have A Meeting For A Reason

Don’t just meet up because you feel you should, meet up for a reason. If you have quick morning meetings to set goals, then great – stick to a quick, simple meeting that covers everything that needs covering, then ends – so the real work can begin. If you’re holding meetings left right and centre that don’t need to happen that day, or at that time, or you could collate all the communication from several meetings into one meeting when the office isn’t so busy – reschedule the meeting. Never have a sales meeting unless you need to.

Reflect The Sales Effort Onto Your Team

If you’re going to be explaining sales products to your team, reflect the sales effort onto your team and sell the sales meeting to them. Let them know how a deeper understanding of the products will benefit their personal sales figures, build up a bit of competition and let the team know how this meeting benefits them. People never fail to respond to the ‘what’s in it for me?’ approach.

Respect The High Pressured Sales Environment

Time is money – so if you’re going to rob a sales person of precious selling time, you need to make it count. Respect the fact they have a lot of pressure on them to hit targets. Keep meetings short and sharp, never longer than 60 minutes.

Keep It Focused

Don’t chat to your team about everything and anything that needs discussing, especially when those issues are only relevant to one or two members of the team. Discuss issues and subjects that affect the entire team only, save anything else for smaller focus meetings or one to ones.

Be The Shining Light Of Enthusiasm

You need to make sure everything is positive and enthusiastic – and it needs to be genuine. You need to psyche yourself up for a positive sales meeting, and that will then come across to others. One of the worst types of sales meetings are those where all the team members are dreading going in because they haven’t done well and the manager is stomping around with a face on, waiting for the chance to tell everyone how disappointing they are. Avoid criticising or berating team members about their sales figures and instead focus on optimism and forward thinking approaches. Focus on improvement.

Let Team Members Know What Will Be Addressed In The Meeting

When you send a memo out to let your team know about the meeting, let them know discussion topics so they can prepare in advance. This will save on time and ensure the meeting stays focused.

Encourage Your Team To Have A Voice

Avoid having a sales meeting that is simply you directing your thoughts at your team. Several minds are better than one, so why not encourage feedback and discussion at certain points in the meeting? Fresh ideas, approaches and opinions should always be welcome when it comes to sales – you never know what will lead you to your next great success.

Invite Other Departments

It’s really good for company culture, to integrate departments so that everyone appreciates how important other people’s job roles are. It’s also great because it enables your team to understand the importance of the project they are working on directly from the people managing the clients. It could also result in further skill sets or resources becoming available from other departments.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to be creative with sales meetings. Hold them outside, hold them in a coffee shop, play some music and have a 5 minute mini rave – invite everyone to tell a joke to get the meeting started. Think outside of the box and embrace quirky sales meetings – sometimes the strangest approaches can bring the best results.

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