Serviced Office Deals Closed Quicker with CentreCharge

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Sales of RJmetis’s CentreCharge 2010 billing and enquiry management software are going strong since its release in January this year, with customers indicating new features such as the licence approval process as critical in speeding up serviced office deal closures. This new feature enables draft licences to be emailed to regional managers and approved directly from mobile devices such as the Blackberry, avoiding delays in concluding agreements with prospective clients.

RJ Metis Managing Director Justin Harley commented: “It’s great to see the uptake of the new release and to know that the features we have included are already paying dividends in terms of performance. We know that speed of turnaround for licence agreements is critical to closing deals for our customers. The new licence approval feature in particular helps sales teams close deals quicker, giving them more time to build an even bigger sales pipeline and ultimately more revenue.”

The new release of the UK’s leading serviced office billing software includes a number of new features, developed based on feedback from users, to improve performance and ultimately reduce the administrative burden on business centre management and the sales team. These include:

• New Licences Module – simplifying: licence renewal and rent uplift; licence transfer (from one room to another); ‘Check in’ or ‘Deal Done’ features are replaced by creating a new licence and activating it; and accounts can now be put on Notice.

• My Buildings Dashboard – Allows management a real time snapshot of occupancy across their buildings with a drill down features to view vacant rooms and licences coming up for renewals.

• New User Tools – a calculator with the ability to calculate Pro Rata charges, plus a spell checker has been added to Tasks, Notes and Emails.

• Full Web Services- Allows customers to develop applications that easily integrate with CentreCharge.

RJ Metis recently released Meeting Rooms Online, providing CentreCharge customers with access to an affordable, easy-to-use module that enables online meeting room bookings at their centres, creating an online revenue channel and simplifying bookings for both internal clients and external customers.

Source: Mexia Communications

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