Some of The Best Project Management & Business YouTube Channels

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Blogs are all the rage (as my Mum would say), providing us all with information on anything and everything we fancy reading about. They are fantastic sources of the latest industry information and tips, however if you’re a little bit lazy or you prefer to watch and learn, information videos or vlogs are also fantastic ways to get business and project management news, tips and tricks.

© Karl Jonsson
© Karl Jonsson

Whatever your position in business, you should aspire to learn something new every day. You and the organisation you work for will benefit from you knowing all the latest news and trends from the industry you work in.

Videos are a great way to gain inspiration, information, skills, news and best practices and they enable us to hear the thoughts of industry leaders and people in the same position as we are.

Here are just some of the best project management and business YouTube channels:

The Mcmethod

Although it is a fairly new YouTube channel, it’s already got 30 extremely useful videos set up. Although a lot of the videos lean their subjects towards the digital marketing world, many of them can be applied to almost any business using email marketing, copywriting for their website and general website marketing strategies. The videos are nice and short in length, so even if you just watch one a day you’ll gain a useful, usable tip – all in just a few minutes. Perfect for people who want extremely bitesize chunks of information.


If you’re looking for real basics on business and project management, and want well thought out explainer videos like ‘An Introduction To Project Management Basics’ and ‘Human Resource Management Functions’ this is the channel for you. If you fancy getting your teeth stuck in a bit more, there are also more detailed seminars for you to enjoy as well. It’s not the most fun, exciting, young channel, but it is a fabulously rich source of information.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is world famous for being what many would describe as a motivational speaker. But he’s much, much more than that. This is go to guy for mindset and he does it so well he inspires millions daily. It’s not strictly business related, but it is life related and mindset can be a problem many an employee, business manager and entrepreneur struggles with from time to time. Mindset can be the difference between staying in an entry level job, and gaining a promotion. So it is important in relation to business and if you’re going to go to anyone for mindset inspiration – go to this guy.

In it’s early days, it was a marketing tool for project management (PM) software, now it is a complete PM channel in its own right. Learn about the core principles, general information and gain invaluable advice. When you search on YouTube for PM videos you will find most of the results you see come from this channel, because it’s so popular. If you want to follow a channel with true passion for project management – subscribe to this channel.

Behind The Brand

This channel is half entertainment and half business, because it satisfies our need to know how the big brands ‘really work’ and it teaches us valuable lessons we can apply in our own businesses along the way. Watch this channel to learn how to grow your business, enhance your brand strategy and want to know how to get ahead of your competitors. Ideal for people who dare to dream.

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