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An office move is a huge undertaking for a business of any size; from SMEs to global company headquarters. With a great deal of forward planning required to keep things running, disruptions minimal and stress levels at bay. Ideally give yourself three months preparation time to plan the ins and outs of the move effectively.

Where each office move will be different and require a unique approach according to your business needs, common features will always prevail. We’ve combined the most common issues you’ll come up against, consider these and your transition will be an exciting new beginning and not a dreaded obstacle.

Before the Move

  • Consider the floor plan of your office. Decide where everyone will be seated and make this widely available to all those involved.
  • Take the dimensions of each of the rooms along with your furniture into consideration.
  • Set up an office relocation team, with a representative from each major department. Keep them informed about the progress and planning.
  • Make a survey for your requirements for telephones, computers, internet etc. and create a configuration plan.
  • Identify the power outlets, and data points etc.
  • Discuss all IT and telecoms issues with your internal IT team. Cancel any agreements no longer appropriate to your business and shop around for the best deals.
  • Decide on your furniture requirements for your new office- if new furniture is needed will you rent or lease? Confirm any furniture to be delivered.
  • Contact Post Office and arrange for your mail to be redelivered.
  • Inform your utility providers at least 2-3 weeks in advance of your move date.
  • Order boxes and packaging and enlist a removals company if necessary.
  • Pack up via coloured coded boxes.
  • Back up all computers and networks.

Moving Day

  • Install cabling, telephones, data points, computers, services and networks.
  • Allow teams to move in via a rota to minimise disruptions.
  • Clean out old offices.
  • Ensure that there is IT support on hand to solve any technical hiccups.
  • Consider health and safety regulations.
  • Have an endless supply of tea and coffee on hand!

Settling In

  • Order new business cards and stationery, update any online directories and website information.
  • Notify all vendors and suppliers, customers and everyone who is likely to contact you.
  • Set up a lost and found section for all mixed up bits and bobs.
  • Reconcile all supplier invoices against their quotes- identity and resolve any over charges.
  • Hold an event to celebrate the move and show your clients your new office “home”!

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