To Do Lists – Can’t do without them?

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To Do Lists – Can’t do without them?

How do you stay organised?

Are you a list person, a serial calendar or diary recorder or do you use some 21st century app that acts like your personal assistant?

Individuals that we are, we all have our own systems and ways of doing things but modern technology is making the organisational aspect of our lives easier to manage, if perhaps not easier to fulfil?

Companies using Google Enterprise for Business can utilise their collaborative tools such as Google Drive, Docs and Worksheets which allow users to share, edit, comment and work together virtually and in real time from anywhere in the world.

Other products that allow simple collaboration are work boards. As well as writing the blog I manage the website design and the marketing for Easy Offices which requires co-operation with our developer and other members of the marketing team. Using work boards allows me to stay organised and see all the projects we have planned and the timescales and order / priority they need to be addressed.

This system, the work board we use is called Trello, allows all the staff to enter work, comments or requests into a single board that I can comment back on, give updates on work progress and give an idea of when the project will start / end. Notifications are sent out to the relevant parties whenever new comments are made so updates are sent to the appropriate people in real time.


This system has also finally stopped my obsession with post it notes and lists on random pieces of paper that were sometimes found at a later date but more normally had been blown to some far corner of the office never to be seen again. Whenever a new idea or thought occurs I can get it onto the board so that I’m not desperately trying to remember it days later, normally in vain!

I do still have a daily list that I wrote down and cross off as I go through the day and complete the tasks. Old habits are hard to rid yourself of, but if you combine it with modern methods of collaboration and organisation then it makes business life more structured and ultimately easier for everyone, including yourself!

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