Are these nightmare celebrity bosses worse than yours?

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A nightmare boss takes the form of many different personas, and can rear their head in any type of profession. Whether they are never wrong, constantly calling you on your day off or are the most demanding person you have ever met, they all have one thing in common- making your working life a misery.

Despite how bad you’ve got it, there are some very famous examples out there which will make you grateful for the rather difficult authority figure you are regularly faced with.

Here are five managers you would need a sizeable pay cheque to work for.

1.       Simon Cowell


The one and only Mr Nasty may be a genius when it comes to making money, but is ruthless in the process. Not afraid to voice his opinions when it comes to criticism, you will be sure to hear it exactly how it is without any form of diplomacy or consideration of your feelings. These days he is a little too big for his boots jetting here there and everywhere, so expect him to be absent for a large proportion of time. Even if you are in his good books, don’t assume this means you’ve earned his loyalty, he could be quickly showing you the door.





2.       Kris Jenner


You can’t turn on a television, open a magazine or visit your favourite social networking site these days without coming head to head with a Kardashian. The one responsible for this you ask? Momager Kris Jenner. You may think that the Kardashian clan don’t actually do much but it takes a lot of hard work to be seen to do nothing. Kris will fill your schedule for the next year without even considering a day off or getting any sleep for that matter, and she is not afraid of confrontation should you be brave enough to disagree with her.





3.       Mathew Knowles


Father of BeyoncĂ©, Mathew started his career by managing Destiny’s Child and despite undoubtedly being a success, BeyoncĂ© fired him from continuing to be her manager. Even the tie of flesh and blood couldn’t help this working relationship, with BeyoncĂ© even saying that she felt like “her soul had been tarnished”.  Allegations have been made that he stole from her, and another singer under his management publicly accused him of being a crook, a bully and being crazy. One to avoid.





4.       Gordon Ramsey


With a tongue as sharp as his knives, Gordon Ramsay is infamous as a bully. Whether it is the heat and pressure of the kitchen or just his personality, Gordon is short tempered and wouldn’t hesitate in a heartbeat to take it out on you, with his choice of language always on the fruiter side. His former protĂ©gĂ©e described their working relationship as trapped and constrained, and if Kitchen Nightmares is anything to go by this man is extremely hard to please.





5.       Alan Sugar


Year after year candidates battle it out for the opportunity to work with or receive an investment from entrepreneur Alan Sugar on TV favourite “The Apprentice”. Setting themselves up for a fall they receive harsh criticism where he pushes people as far as they can go to see how they cope under extreme pressure. His favourite phrase is “you’re fired”, so chances are you are always going to be walking on egg shells.





Do any of these characters remind you of your tyrant boss?

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