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As Christmas draws nearer and our minds begin to wander towards minced pies and mulled wine, the festive season is well and truly here. It can be all too easy to begin winding down for the break with our friends and families, but now is the perfect time to get a head start for next year. The world of business marketing is constantly shifting, but here we’ve given you the five best marketing techniques for 2014, all of which will  improve your company visibility and drive up sales in the New Year.

google_plus_1Use Google+

A recent visit to Youtube or will demonstrate the search engine’s commitment to pushing their social networking platform, with account integration across all three. There are 235 million users of Google+, with over 70% aged between 18 and 35. Although not currently the biggest social network, with the resources and innovation of Google behind it, Google+ has the potential to become an invaluable marketing asset in 2014. If you aren’t already, ensure your company has a presence on the platform. By registering an account, you’ll be able to communicate with potential customers and spread information about your products or services with ease.




Create unique content

Although a description or overview of your products can be useful for prospective buyers, it is hardly likely to enthuse or engage viewers who know next to nothing about your industry or company. Instead, focus on exciting or interesting articles about your area of expertise, or any revelations in the industry. Whatever you write, you’ll need to bear in mind your potential customers or clients. What interests them? What do they need to know about your industry? Unique content is less about selling your product, as it is about engaging and entertaining readers from your own website. On top of this, it’s pretty good for SEO too.


googleSEO optimisation

Unique content is an effective way to boost your SEO rankings, by encouraging longer page views and more links to your website. You should also look to include related keywords in your copy, as well as in your link structures and headers. You can also improve your SEO with internal links between your pages, and an XML sitemap. If done well, these changes will go unnoticed by the customer. However, they’ll dramatically improve your page
rankings on the likes of Google, leading to greater online visibility.


Join the video revolution

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video is the latest format to be utilised for marketing purposes. From product reviews to viral Youtube sensations, on-street interviews to animated infographics, video is an exciting way to capture the attention of your target audience and get your message across. Remember that your creative output should always resonate with your brand image, and each video should focus on a single message without being too lengthy. For greater engagement, remember to end the video with a call to action too.


optimize-business-website-mobile-devicesOptimise for mobile devices

As more and more of us upgrade to the latest iPhone or Android smartphone, it’s of no surprise that the numbers of mobile internet users are growing. Research suggests that up to 18% of the United Kingdom’s online population are browsing using their phones, so you could be alienating a huge chunk of your target audience by not catering to mobile browsers. You could redesign your website for mobiles, or even develop a dedicated app. Either way, with smartphones expected to continue growing in popularity, the mobile demographic is simply too large to ignore.


Have you begun planning your marketing for 2014? Will you be exploring any of these options, or do you prefer to do things differently? 


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